Fox news today: Patriots cheating conspiracy video surfaces

Fox news today: Patriots cheating conspiracy video surfaces

Fox news today:

“Patriots Cheaters 2019”

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A Patriots cheating conspiracy surfaced on YouTube this week with an unequivocal title, but it appears to lack the supporting evidence of Spygate and Deflategate.

DALLAS COWBOYS’ JASON GARRETT, JERRY JONES THUMB THEIR NOSES AT ANALYTICS AFTER LOSSThe video, which was promoted by Dallas radio host R.J. Choppy, comes from the second quarter of New England’s 13-9 victory over the Cowboys on Sunday. It shows the officials moving the first-down marker from the Patriots’ 5-yard-line to the 4 in between first and second down, seemingly adding a yard to the Cowboys’ yards to gain.

But, as Yahoo! Sports points out, the issue seems to be with the initial ball placement being put at the 15-yard-line, instead of the 14, after a roughing the passer penalty came on the same play as a Michael Gallup catch.

The play-by-play had Gallup being tackled at the 29, which should have brought the ball half the distance to the goalline and somewhere between the Patriots’ 14 and 15. The drive ended with the Cowboys kicking a field goal on fourth-and-5.

TOM BRADY DISMISSES THEORY PATRIOTS FAVORED BY REFEREES, CITES ENDING TO COWBOYS GAMEAt worst, it appears this was more the referees making a mistake — no shocker there — than a widespread conspiracy inv

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