Tips for Staying Healthier This Year

There’s no time like the present to make a change to have a healthier year. Whether it’s exercising more, making changes to your diet or developing better sleeping habits, there are many ways you can improve your health through small, incremental changes.

Make Changes to Your Diet

First, consider making changes to your diet. It’s okay to enjoy occasional snacks and to splurge and celebrate at times, but treating yourself too often can lead to weight gain. Thinking of food as the fuel that runs your body can help you make healthier food decisions on a daily basis. Try to incorporate lean proteins and green vegetables into your diet. Instead of frying food, use the oven and bake your dinner instead.

If you find yourself gravitating towards snacks that feel like a guilty pleasure, look for healthier ways to enjoy these snacks. Can you eat veggies with your guac instead of chips? There are countless recipes and tips online to make your favorite unhealthy snacks into something healthy that you’ll still enjoy.

Try a Supplement

If making changes to your diet leaves you hungry or you feel like the changes you make haven’t had a significant impact, consider a supplement that will help reduce your appetite and boost your metabolism. Nucific products will leave you feeling great and Nucific coupons can get you a great deal if you’re interested in trying their supplements.

Exercise Daily

Along with a healthy diet exercise can have a huge benefit on your health. If going to the gym and working out solo isn’t motivating, try joining a group fitness class. Having others around to motivate you and socialize with you may help encourage you to continue going to the gym.

If any type of gym-related physical activity isn’t your cup of tea, there are other exercises you can try. Even going for a 30-minute walk each day can have huge benefits on your physical and mental health. You can slowly bring up the intensity by running intervals. Run for one minute and then walk for two. This is a great way to slowly incorporate a higher intensity workout into your daily routine.

Practice Yoga and Mindfulness

If you’re looking for something more mellow than running, try a yoga class. Yoga has great health benefits for both your mind and your body. Yoga can help your flexibility and since it incorporates meditation and breathing, it can help you become more mindful.

Spend Time Outdoors

Whether you’re walking, jogging or doing yoga, doing it outside can have huge benefits on your health as well. Sunlight is great for boosting moods and increasing feelings of happiness. Getting outdoors, whether you’re hiking, kayaking or reading on a park bench can really help improve mental health and decrease feelings of depression.

Start a Gratitude Journal

Another great way to improve mental health is through a gratitude journal. Each night before you go to bed, take the time to write down five things you’re thankful for. Even if they’re small things, regularly practicing gratitude can increase your happiness. Sending positive thoughts into the universe can really improve your mood and help you sleep better.

Get Better Sleep

Sleep is an important part of staying healthy as well. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep. Most people need at least seven or hours of sleep. In addition to hours of sleep, the quality of your sleep matters too. You want your body to get enough restorative sleep. If you want to learn more about your sleep habits and the quality of your sleep, consider investing in a smartwatch that tracks your sleep. These devices can give you insights and help you develop better habits.

Drugs, alcohol and even heavy meals can impact the quality of your sleep. When you drink, it may seem like you sleep better, but your body isn’t likely to go into deep sleep for as long, meaning your sleep isn’t helping you recover and be ready to take on a new day.

From sleep to nutrition and exercise, there are so many things you can do to stay both physically and mentally healthy this year.