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Tips for Minimizing CNC Machining Costs

For many people, the high level of automation that comes with CNC machining will always translate to faster, cheap, and easily producible products.  While there is some truth in it, the cost of buying and running a CNC machine could take a toll on your business finances. And since businesses are often searching for ways to cut their budgets, you ought to do all it takes for this to come true.

To pull this off successfully, be sure to figure out the factors impacting price.  You don’t have to go overboard since slight changes to your design can work wonders. With that in mind, here are three ways to mitigate CNC machining costs.

  • Steer Clear from Thin Walls and Features

When shopping around for CNC machining parts, be sure to steer clear of those that come with overly thin walls.  Such parts tend to make the maintenance of tolerances difficult since they cause distortion.  Furthermore, they slow down the operation speed of machines, increasing the costs and operator time.  Rather than staying silent as this happens, you are better off expanding thin walls. If thin walls are a must, leveraging cost-effective ways of constructing thinner walls than the minimum will work to your advantage. 

  • Reduce Setup Time

The amount of time you invest in setting up before machining can also end up sky-rocketing the costs. While setting a CNC Router machine might seem like a walk in the park, there is more to it than meets the eye.  That’s mainly the case when doing it for the first time or are yet to master the operation skills. 

Fortunately, some professional CNC machine manufacturers offer setup services to clients.  One such manufacturer is the renowned Blue Elephant. Although the setup service is not free, it saves time and reduces CNC machining costs.

  • Keep Things Simple

One of the best ways to reduce CNC machine costs significantly is by keeping it simple.  There is no essence of designing complex parts as they require more machine setups and special tooling.  These will only force you to dig deeper into your pockets for the machining to operate efficiently.

Things are not any different when using deeper pockets.  After all, you may have to purchase support structures to prevent movement as pockets get deeper and walls taller. That increases machining costs, yet you can easily avoid it.  In short, you need to keep it simple to avoid spending way more than your budget.

  • High tolerances should be avoided.

Even while CNC machining does have some of the strictest standards of any production process, that still does not imply that each and every component demands them. In addition, because reaching high tolerances doubles manufacturing time, employing tight tolerances just when absolutely essential can substantially cut costs (as well as inspection times). If a component is supplied with no inputs in order, CNC machining firms like RapidDirect will use its standard tolerance that is adequate for a wide range of items. In the context of RapidDirect, the typical tolerance is 0.125 mm.

  • Take a second look at how you’re using text.

While engraving lettering on a portion is aesthetically pleasant, this is a time-consuming procedure for the machine, therefore if it can be prevented, it is preferable.

It is because the equipment utilizes finger machining to eliminate a sheet of material in a way which creates patterns, words, and symbols, among other things.

Such an act is rather visually appealing, and it may even be required for the part’s purpose. However, it is best to delay it as long as humanly possible until the component is in mass manufacturing, since this will save money.

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In Conclusion

By employing these and other tips for minimizing CNC machining costs, you will have optimized your part effectively. When that happens, it is in your best interest to find a CNC machining manufacturer you can trust. Luckily, you can take advantage of Blue Elephant CNC machining and benefit from the highest quality- at an affordable cost. Better, they offer free training service during an inspection of machines before shipping. So, what are you waiting for before you reduce CNC machining costs and maximize productivity!