Customized Awards

Get to Know the Top 7 Benefits of Using Customized Awards

Trophies, awards, plaques, and medals are great incentives to boost the morale and productivity of your employees. Not only sports but also corporations are acknowledging the long-lasting positive impacts of customized awards on the recipients. This has also created a big market for customized awards to serve a variety of purposes.

Are you looking for a reliable and well-reputed customized medal manufacturer? Here you go! Our company Metal Awards Industrial Co., Ltd. manufactures and sells first-class customized medals of its kind. Our products include but are not limited to custom medals, lapel pins, stock medals, badges, challenge coins, keychains, bottle openers, keychains, dice, champion ring, refrigerator stickers, and many others.

We have currently 80 professionals who work through thick and thin to manufacture the best quality and unique products.

A customized medal is one of the greatest ways to cheer a finisher for his hard work, persistence, and a great win. To feel above the world, they would like to display their medal in their office, home, or any other workplace just to glorify themselves. We produce custom medals for a variety of sports such as triathlon, running, marathon, swimming, climbing, cycling, singing, dancing competitions, and many others.

Make Your Recognition Program Worthwhile with Our Customized Products

So if you are an employer and looking to arrange an employee recognition program in your organization, then you are on the right page because our company Metal Awards Industrial Co., Ltd manufactures all-time amazing quality metal awards including custom medals. Our company enjoys the services of 80 professional workers who have work experience of over 10 years to produce best-quality customized awards for our customers like you! They are always open to listen to your ideas of logo designs, size, shape, and color etc. of your customized award.

Our Process of Manufacturing

Our production process is quite long and time-consuming just to ensure that our customer is satisfied with our quality products. The process includes steps like drawing, molding, slotting, and polishing to come up with a fine-quality end product.

Reasons of Buying Custom Awards

We know until now you must be completely convinced of buying customized accolades for your employees. Here we give you the top 7 reasons why you should always have an eye on customized metal awards!

Improved Performance of Your Employees

When you award your employees for their good performance, psychologically you prepare them to perform even better next time. It surges positive emotions in them and will have goodwill for you forever. Next time when you take any decision, they will be right there to back you.

Winning Loyalty of Your Employees

Employee retention is one of the biggest problems currently being faced by giant organizations. Sometimes when you reject your employee for any mistake, they become bitter and always want to take revenge by not working hard thereby resulting in the loss for your company. However, by awarding them off and on, you can win their loyalty easily and boost your company’s reputation among your competitors.

Gaining Popularity Among Masses

If you award medals that reflect the brand value and message, it can help you gain popularity through media that will cover the event and make your public curious to know more about your brand or company.

Creating Tangible Value

Sometimes it’s not easy for an employee to show the monetary award or bonus to people outside their family or relatives. But if you award a gold, silver, or bronze medal, that will create a sense of value among your employees to carry to their homes and display them publicly. This will boost their confidence for they are admired by their friends, family, and relatives who get to see the distinctive award at home.

Becoming a Talk of Town

The media is always in search of broadcasting events that are different than others. By inviting the local and national media to cover your award ceremony, you can bring yourself in the eyes of an audience of that media for your appreciative steps. One step ahead, interviewing the winners by media will boost the morale of the entire staff of the company. You can include such videos and images on your company’s public website that will attract more audiences to be a part of your company.

Attracting New Talent

Another benefit of arranging award ceremonies from year to year is that it will attract new talent to your company from across the globe. Mostly this talent comes from your competitors in the market and your open positions will get applications from skilled and capable candidates that will help you meet your futuristic goals.

Creating Collaborative Environment

If you declare teamwork as a parameter for the award, your employees will work hard to enhance their teamwork skills thereby creating a healthy collaborative environment in your company. From their awardee team members, they will learn and try to enhance their skills more to come in parallel to them. This will boost healthy competition among the employees which will eventually help in the growth of your organization.