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Outdoor Outfit

The Modern Outdoor Outfit: A Brief Definition of Techwear

Finding the best outdoor outfit depends on the style you’re going for. Today, the common outerwear that you would normally wear in the great outdoors has adopted different aesthetics and designs. Outdoor outfits have become more inclusive and diverse in structure and companies that specialize in outdoor gear and apparel have done their part to design high-tech materials for different applications.

There are many different kinds of fabrics and materials to choose from when it comes to putting together an outdoor outfit that can serve both fashionable and practical purposes. These kinds of clothing are called “technical apparel” or “tech clothes” and they are made from advanced materials that are treated and structured for extreme functionality. These pieces, however, are not exclusively embraced by outdoor enthusiasts.

A whole new fashion subgenre called “Techwear” embraces the high-tech outdoor outfit aesthetic and puts a new definition to the versatility of outerwear. Since Techwear mostly emphasizes the utility and functionality of modern outdoor clothing, its characterized by eccentric pieces and accessorized with conventional outdoor gear.

Defining the Aesthetic of Techwear

Techwear typically accentuates the utilitarian aspects of an outdoor outfit. Typically, outerwear pieces that revolve around this aesthetic are characterized by enlarged pockets, utility straps, and unorthodox placements of zippers. Though this might seem like a lot of features, Techwear usually has a seamless or clean structure that perfectly balances the other components of the design.

Color palettes of Techwear pieces are also more muted or monochromatic. In a way, it draws parallels with tactical wear in a more futuristic aesthetic. As aforementioned, Techwear does not only incorporate different types of outdoor outfits but also conventional outdoor gear. Many Techwear enthusiasts accessorize using eccentric pieces like gas masks, gloves, goggles, knee pads, and harnesses on a normal night out in the city.

Technology and Fashion Combined

Many outdoor apparel companies have put their focus on finding the most high-tech types of fabric that can deliver the highest quality in terms of functionality and performance. From insulating technology to water-repellent capabilities, companies have invested in finding the best materials for their outerwear collections.

Gore-Tex is probably one of the most well-known high-tech materials that many companies use for their outdoor gear and apparel. Though the material was first introduced in 1969, it has gone through many improvements and modifications throughout the years. An outdoor outfit made of Gore-Tex is windproof, water-resistant, lightweight, highly breathable, and durable even in the harshest environments.

Aside from Gore-Tex, plenty of other high-tech materials have been developed to provide maximum functionality for different types of applications. This gives Techwear enthusiasts diverse options and a vast array of outerwear outfits for different seasons. Additionally, these materials aren’t exclusive to outerwear pieces like windbreakers and shell jackets but also accessories like gloves and backpacks.

The Future of Techwear

Though Techwear already emphasizes the futuristic aspects of design in clothing, the evolution of fashion seems bright for this subculture. With companies consistently trying their best to provide the most high-tech materials for a standard outdoor outfit, Techwear is bound to expand in terms of style and structure.

Many fashion companies today are also adding Techwear collections that can cater to a wider demographic. Colors and sizes are becoming more and more inclusive and anyone who wants to accentuate their outdoor outfit with a touch of technical clothing can purchase diverse pieces both online and in physical stores.