The Ingredients That Are Needed To Design An Amazing Playground For Kids

The Ingredients That Are Needed To Design An Amazing Playground For Kids

Designing a playground for children includes equipment that is safe, easily accessible, and can be used by children with all kinds of abilities. An amazing playground can look like a wild forest, a humble junkyard, or an artistic sculpture. Some main ingredients are needed for designing a great playground.


A good playground not only focuses on active types of play, but it should also be designed to promote a child’s growth by providing opportunities to engage in different forms of play.  There should be equipment that involves –

  • Active play: running, climbing, jumping, moving the body, twirling, swinging.
  • Sensory play: touching textures, smelling flowers and plants, hearing sound and music, seeing shapes and colors
  • Creative play: painting, colouring, drawing, crafting, writing, singing, all expressions that allow children to communicate and connect
  • Social and reflective play: talking, sharing, watching, resting, daydreaming, cooperating, playing sports
  • Imaginative play: pretend play, dressing up.

Try to include all these kinds of play types while designing your playground.


Ensure to include the basic practical necessities in your playground like:

  • Shade
  • Drinking water
  • Trash cans
  • Seating for adults
  • Storage for play equipment or “loose parts”
  • All necessary playground safety standards and rules in Australia

Add loose parts

Children are far more creative than adults are. They will always find ways to use elements for using them the way they were not originally designed for. A good playground should motivate and trust children’s creativity to take the lead. Hence, include equipment that can be used in many other ways too.

Add loose parts to your playground, which means items that can be stacked, carried moved, or altered. Children like to recreate their playground with loose parts into anything that they dream of.

Design for every child

While designing your playground, consider the needs of children with different abilities. It can be both mental and physical abilities but it is also for children of different ages, strengths, and abilities. Playground equipment providers design inclusive playground equipment for developing the physical, sensory, cognitive, and playing activities for children and carers with or without disability to play safely together.

The company does thorough research and planning into an inclusive playground for kids with different abilities. They ensure that such kids take part in the same activity together or with care takers. They carefully consider –

  • Location of the equipment in the playground
  • Resting areas
  • Elevated play and different levels of challenge
  • Accessible equipment for all kids and carers

Add little surprises

Add surprises in your design that can be discovered by children while playing. Small painted pictures in the corners, interesting textures, secret hiding, peepholes, talking tubes, and much more make the playground interesting for kids. Allow the space to look messy and chaotic as the point is to provide a space where kids can play and not a pretty yard.

Get the best possible outcome with your playground project for children. Contact a good playground equipment provider since they will ensure that you get the best quality of life for families, kids, and communities across Australia through their standard products.