Do You Know About Pool UV System and Its Working?

Do You Know About Pool UV System and Its Working?

We all like to keep our in-ground pool clean as any slack on maintenance can damage the swimming pool. No one will like to see their sparkling clean pool turn into a dirty pool. Fortunately, there are few options available to keep your pool clean.

If you notice cloudy water on your pool then it indicates that there is a chemical imbalance, and sometimes even clear water may also have certain hidden issues. So how should you keep your pool water clear of any bacteria and parasites?

One effective solution can be using UV swimming pools, which will use an ultraviolet light for your pool sanitation. These systems will not involve pumping plenty of chemicals into the pool, and they can be superior to the sanitation method of using chlorine.

What are pool UV systems?

UV pool sanitizers virtually clean your pool without the need of chemicals. They essentially act as a germicide in the pool, killing any unwanted germs. Ultra violet light rays will kill harmful bacteria and all other microbes present in your pool water by altering their DNA and also prevent them from reproducing.

The UV radiation is contained to avoid harming you or other swimmers. When you employ this procedure, you won’t need as many chemicals because the UV light will take care of the majority of the cleaning. In reality, after passing through the UV system, the water is of drinkable grade.

As mentioned, you will not require a lot of chemicals, but you will require at least some amount. A UV sanitizer is not a chemical-free solution by any means. Chemicals are still used in pool UV systems to manage microorganisms in the water that may take longer to return to the filter.

The following are a few pros and cons of this method


  • Needs a little chemical.
  • Low maintenance
  • Much affordable
  • Much safer


  • Needs regular replacement
  • Only the area under UV light remains effective
  • Pipes also need to be sanitized and that needs chemical cleaners.

How does it work?

This system connects to your pool’s existing filtration system and is installed in-line. Waterborne pathogens such as bacteria, cysts, algae, and viruses are destroyed by UV radiation as it passes through graphite housing.

No pathogen can resist a strong dosage of UV light because the highly focused electromagnetic energy prevents chloramine production. These are chlorine by-products that cause skin irritation, allergies, and red, stinging eyes in most people.

Pool owners employ this system use chlorine or bromine as well as albeit at far lower concentrations than those who solely use chemicals. Remember that weekly pool cleaning might help you save money on chemicals.

It is nevertheless, safe to use UV light. As the light never leaves the graphite chamber, it is a safe way to clean your pool. Because of this smart strategy, consumers can successfully prevent harmful light exposure. Almost the entire process takes place within the UV system, and to make things even better, the setup needs very low maintenance.