The Complete Guide to Choosing Golf Courses for Tournaments

The Complete Guide to Choosing Golf Courses for Tournaments

There are 9,473 golf courses in the US, and over 25 million people play on them every year. Each golf course hosts, on average, 50 tournaments annually. As such, you will need to start planning yours with at least six to nine months lead-in time.

Otherwise, you’ll struggle to secure the right course. But, what do we mean by the right tournament course?

Choosing golf courses can be challenging. So, we’ve pulled together a guide to get you started.

Decide Between Private or Public

There are two golf course options: private or public. If you want to entice new players, consider booking a public one. But bear in mind that you might need to discuss your tournament start rules with the company.

For example, staff scheduling a golf tournament will want to know if it is a timed tee-off, shotgun start, or crossover.

Find the Right Course Difficulty Level

A USGA score measures the difficulty of play under normal conditions. In comparison, an average course slope rating of 113 mixes the course level and bogey count.

You can use these scores to assess the overall difficulty. Choosing golf courses with long fairway shots, chipping, and putting challenges are best.

Book a Golfing Vacation Resort

The market for golf vacations looks set to grow by $5.36 billion by 2024. As a result, many countries are increasing their golfing industry. A golf tournament abroad is a great way to create lasting memories and tackle a new challenge.

For example, golfers recognize Blue Canyon Country Club in Phuket as one of the best in Thailand. They have golf course amenities, including event rooms and even an onsite spa.

Choose a Quality Clubhouse

In 2019, EMCC found that 65% of country clubs invest in onsite wellness and fitness facilities. In particular, relaxation and meals are a must-have to combat tournament fatigue.

So choosing golf courses with a clubhouse that can prepare two meals on tournament day is vital. Also, note that young players want artisanal cuisines, such as craft beers and vegan food.

Consider Course Tracking

Golfers have used ball-tracking systems since PGA Tour, and CDW created ShotLink in 2003. Nowadays, state-of-the-art devices such as swing analyzers and tracking watches are standard.

Many also have GPS and thousands of courses pre-programmed. When choosing golf courses, consider one that is available across many systems. For example, the GolfLogix app is one of the most popular and has over 8,000 courses registered.

Host a Post-tournament Social

57% of millennial golfers who attend golfing events want social activities. So, choose a golf course where you can host a post-tournament event.

Of course, it’s hard to organize a social event without knowing the final attendance numbers. But, generally, 144 players is a full-house, and the average is 80 people for an 18-hole tournament.

Choosing Golf Courses Made Easy

This information should be enough to help when choosing golf courses. The rest of the golf tournament format will come down to your personal preferences. Just remember that you need to give yourself, your players, and the course hosts plenty of organizing time.

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