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The Common Types of Back Pain: An Informative Guide

As much as 80% of the population will deal with back pain at some point in their life. In fact, it’s one of the biggest reasons to miss work, aside from the common cold.

You likely never think about the possibility of back problems until they happen to you. When it does, all you can think about is getting relief.

The problem is, different types of back pain have different causes and, therefore, different treatments. Before you can get treatment, it helps to understand what kind of pain you’re dealing with.

Read on to learn about the most common kinds of back pain so you can communicate with your doctor and get some relief.

Dull or Sharp Lower Back Pain

Also known as axial pain, this is the most common source of back pain. You’ll usually feel this pain in one particular spot, like your low back. You might even be able to pinpoint the painful spot down to the vertebrae.

This type of back pain might feel sharp, dull, constant, throbbing, or come and go. It’s often caused by muscle spasms from repetitive motion or a sudden strain from lifting something heavy. That said, it can also point to a joint issue or disc tear.

If your doctor has ruled out any acute problems like tears or herniated discs, it might’ve been caused by weak back muscles. A great way to prevent future pain is to strengthen your back muscles with the help of a physical therapist like the ones at https://www.performaxphysicaltherapyandwellness.com/.

Back Pain That Extends Down Your Legs

If your back pain radiates sharply down one or both legs when you move, you might have sciatica. This kind of back pain often feels like an electrical shock.

This condition gets its name from the sciatic nerve which runs from your back and down both legs. If the nerve gets pinched or inflamed somewhere, you might feel this sharp radiating pain down to your butt or one of your legs.

It’s wise to visit a chiropractor for this type of back pain as they can evaluate the situation. They’ll be able to determine if it’s just an alignment issue or a more complicated problem with a disc.

Back Pain That Moves Around or Changes

Also known as referred pain, this type of pain moves around and changes in pain level. The pain often comes from another source, but you feel it in your lower back or elsewhere in your spine.

If your pain feels achy and dull, you might feel pain in your lower back or hip when it’s actually caused by a spinal disc.

In some cases, it might not be coming from your spine at all. This type of back pain can be a symptom of kidney stones, gallstones, prostate issues, and more.

If you can’t figure out where your pain is coming from and you can’t get relief, visit your primary care doctor.

Are You Suffering From These Types of Back Pain?

There are three basic types of back pain: pain from a muscle spasm, sciatic back pain, and referred back pain. Each type of pain has a different treatment, but a chiropractor, a physical therapist, or a primary care doctor should be able to help you get relief.

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