Pet Containment System: How Does an Electric Dog Fence Work?

Ever found yourself in a situation running after your dog who just escaped away from your yard? If yes, this article is definitely for you. Some dogs are born with the incredible power of escaping magic. They never tried to surprise you by running away from your house. If you’ve got this kind of dog, you’d probably need to install a robust pet containment system immediately. 

There are several reasons for installing a pet containment system. The most primary reason for it is to ensure the safety of your dog. Many dog owners use this containment system to avoid neighborhood nuisance, control their dog’s movement, avoid the activity of other predators, reduce the risk of avoidable injuries to their lovely dog, and many more.

Although, many conventional pet containment methods such as wooden, rail, or chain-link fences are available to contain your dog. But the invisible underground electric dog fence is the best among all and increasingly popular among dog owners worldwide. 

We’ll discuss more about the best pet containment system here: how an electric dog fencing system works, and how you can train your dog with this newer system? Let’s start.


What Is The Best Pet Containment System?

We have explored the possible benefits of several types of dog containment fences. Our experts chose the K9 electric dog fence as the finest available on the market and based on its performance and user evaluations. This containment system requires proper dog training to get optimum results. It comprises a wire, a transmitter, and a collar for professional dog fence installation. All these three components are equally essential to contain your dog successfully. This cost-effective invisible fence technology may be used on nearly any surface.

The functions of these electric fences are so simple. You need to put the collar on your dog’s neck and set the transmitter inside of your house. This transmitter will emit a radio signal across a certain radius. And whenever your dog passes the boundaries, both the collar and transmitter communicate, and your dog will receive a slight shock after three seconds of beeping. To avoid escaping and adapting to the new system, you need to perform proper dog training with your canine friend. Before placing the K9 electric dog fence containment system, always seek professional dog fence installation services in your region.

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How to Train a Dog with an Electric Fence?

How can I contain my dog within the electric dog fence system? It is a common question for pet owners. So, after reading this part of the article, we hope you will get your long-waiting answers. 

Training is the key to success with this type of invisible dog fence. Instructions on educating your dog or cat to respect the fence include all-electric fencing systems. Pet owners need to perform electric fence dog training in addition to obedience training, not a replacement for it. Proper training is essential for your pups to adapt to the new behavior quickly and avoid mistakes. Dog trainers suggest starting the training of your dog between the ages of five and six months.

Most electric dog fence training requires letting your dog wearing a deactivated collar for at least one week before the actual training to acclimate to the extra weight of the collar. This electric dog fence training involves boundary flag training, corrective training, and consistent training before containing your dog successfully.


The first step of boundary training involves a visual cue for both you and your dog. The boundary flags should remain in the same place for at least two weeks during the training period. It indicates the actual limit of your dog about how far your pet can go before getting any beep signal and shock. 

Whenever your dog makes any mistake, the correction should be on a leash. Just redirect your dog by moving the leash throughout the electric dog fence training period. Consistent training involves some operative procedures for stubborn dogs. Finally, always praise your dog when he gives a positive response and stays just before the flag within the safe zone throughout the training.


Electric Dog Fence Layouts

Nowadays, many backyard dog fence ideas are available to set up in your yard. But remarkable flexibility is one of the best advantages of installing the K9 electric dog fence. You can set this type of electric dog fence in a yard of any kind. This article will provide some popular invisible fence layouts and give you the advantages of each design. So if you wonder about how to lay electric dog fence wiring around the backyard, stick to this part of the article. 

The full yard layout is the first option you can try. It offers your dog the highest freedom and is the most popular among dog owners. It is also a good idea to put the best trampoline in the yard, this will help diversify your training. In this type of layout, your dog can easily move anywhere through your entire yard. A full yard with an exclusionary zone is another layout that you can follow. In this system, you can take advantage of the whole yard and keep your dog out of trouble from the pool area or garden.

If you don’t want your dog all-time in your front yard all the time, you can choose another option named “Split Yard Layout.” In this invisible fence layout, you can select your dog’s access in any part of your yard. Another design includes backyard containment with limited front access where your dog will stay in the backyard, and you can protect him from leaving into the front door. You can also choose a double loop set up in front or back, where your dog has access only to the backyard or the front. Lastly, you can establish an invisible fence with a physical fence to keep your dog under containment. 

Finally, among all the backyard dog fence ideas and invisible fence layouts, choose your one wisely.

How Much Does An Electric Dog Fence Cost?

According to our experts, the total electric dog fence installation cost will vary between $100 and $300, depending on several factors. For an average-sized yard, the price of a dog fence will reach up to $1000. The quality of the wiring and the dog collar batteries also influence the electric dog fence installation cost. You can find several cheap dog fence ideas and organize them according to your yard. Remember, proper training of your dog is a secret to success.