The Best Types of Interior Doors for Your Home

One of the first things on most people’s minds after they buy a house is what renovation projects they should do first. If you stick with popular items, you’ll likely redo your kitchen, update the bathroom, and maybe get started on the landscaping.

It’s a common mix of quality-of-life enhancements, along with some curb appeal boosting. One of the things that slips people’s minds during all of the planning is interior doors.

Interior doors give a chance to add both personality and a bit of functionality to your home. Keep reading for some of the best interior door options.

Solid Wooden Doors

In most homes, doors serve as a means of visual privacy for the majority of rooms. For some rooms, though, such as a bathroom or office, you want doors that do a better job of muting sounds in both directions.

Solid wood doors are often better at limiting sound transfer. You can also make them a decorative element in your home by using natural wood doors. These are often popular in rustic homes or farmhouses.

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are popular options for small rooms or rooms in cramped hallways. Swinging doors are often impractical for those situations, either blocking the hallways or severely limiting the arrangement options inside the room.

Pocket doors or barn doors free up space in the room and don’t block the hallway when open. While often efficient, they are a poor choice for bedrooms and bathrooms.

French Doors

If you’re looking for a way to class up your home, it’s difficult to go wrong with french doors.

Primarily known for their heavy use of glass panels, french doors also allow for more light transfer between rooms. This makes them an excellent choice for interior rooms that may get little or no natural sunlight.

They’re also an outstanding choice for rooms where you set up display items opposite of the doors.

Louvered Doors

What about rooms where you want to create the sense of a divide, but not necessarily install a full door, such as a kitchen. This is where louvered doors or saloon doors are your friends.

These doors create a visual divide between spaces, without always limiting the sound transfer between rooms. There are several types of louvered doors you can choose from, ranging from traditional saloon doors to full doors that create a more substantial divide between living spaces in your home.

Interior Doors and Your Home

The kind or kinds of interior doors that go with your home often depends on the overall style you want for your home. For a low-key space with a more relaxed feel, sliding barn doors and louvered doors are excellent choices. Solid wood doors can also play well in these spaces if they’re the right style.

For a more upscale look or to bring more light into interior spaces, french doors are a go-to option.

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