3 Ways to Rejuvenate Your Kitchen

Top Kitchen Renovation Tips From the Experts

For the majority of us, the kitchen is the most important room in the house. It’s where we spend hours cooking delicious recipes, enjoying family meals, catching up with friends, and entertaining dinner guests.

It’s vital, then, that our kitchens reflect the many ways we use this room as both a hardworking functional space and the heart of the house. But if your kitchen is in need of an upgrade, there are ways to make this mammoth task a lot easier.

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Prepare to Live Without a Kitchen

You might think that you can complete your kitchen remodeling project in parts. But a total kitchen demolition is often the only way to get precise measurements for the new and improved model.

It’ll mean living without a kitchen for a fair while. But, seeing the bare bones of the place and any unforeseen problems before you start is the only way to make the most of every inch you have.

Seek Professional Kitchen Design Advice

From maximizing your work triangle space to convenient touches like drawers instead of cupboards, a kitchen designer will know the tricks and hacks that you won’t. The extra cost is a hurdle for many, especially when you find out that many designers charge a markup on every item you buy. But, professional design advice doesn’t always have to come at a premium.

Some building supply stores and kitchen showrooms offer a free design service. And, these services often come with no obligation to buy everything there or pay a higher cost for their products. It’s a win-win!

Try Before You Buy

Whether you’re choosing countertops or deciding between kitchen island ideas, don’t buy anything without seeing it, touching it, and using it first. After all this upheaval, the last thing you want is to install something only to realize later that it doesn’t fit or you hate the look of it.

Visit furniture outlets, go to hardware stores, and ask for samples from online retailers. You might not be able to cook dinner at the store but you’ll have a much better feel for how it will be to do so if you’ve experienced your choices in person.

Limit Yourself to One Show-Stopping Design Choice

Stylish choices give your kitchen personality, but too many quirky details vying for attention will soon make it look like a circus show. To avoid this, limit yourself to one main attraction and opt for classic simplicity elsewhere. For example, you might pair a bright backsplash with one of these countertops in a more understated color, or a bold tiled floor with subdued cabinets.

Take Your Samples Everywhere

A mood board is great for gathering ideas and getting a feel for your kitchen’s vibe. But once you get nearer to the decision stages, you should make a habit of taking your samples around with you. Yes, we’re talking paint chips, countertop samples, and actual tiles. It’ll be a lot easier to put everything together and find perfect matches if you have the actual pieces of the puzzle, rather than images on your phone.

Kitchen Renovation Tips

If you’ve never completed a kitchen design project, you might not have realized what an intense process it can be.

But, with these kitchen renovation tips to guide you, it’ll be a lot easier to achieve the kitchen of your dreams for less!

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