With unemployment on the surge around the world, everyone is looking to have good use of his phone and the internet. We might have heard of several survey sites but what about Survey Time reviews?

Survey Time Review: How Does It Work? Is Survey Time Legit, Scam or Worth it?

With unemployment on the surge around the world, everyone is looking to have good use of his phone and the internet. We might have heard of several survey sites but what about Survey Time reviews?

Trying to earn through online surveys must be one of the worst ways to earn a few extra dollars online just like Microtask websites. It takes a long time, only if you find a proper Survey platform, which will not start you immediately.

The most stressful is that it takes closely 30 days to earn a reasonable income from Survey sites and actually withdraw. Listing the above stress with Survey websites, it might be good news to have come across Survey Time, hence the need to put words together for Survey Time reviews, and answering questions as to whether Survey Time is a Scam or legit or worth the time? We shall discuss:

  1. What is Survey Time and Who Owns Survey Time?

  2. How Does Survey Time Work?

  3. How Much Can You Earn on Survey Time?
  4. Is Survey Time legit or scam?

  5. Pros and Cons of Survey Time

What is Survey Time and Who Owns Survey Time?

Survey Time is quite new in the world of surveys, launched in 2018 but has quickly adapted to the business terrain and moved up so quickly. The company is reportedly managed and owned by Persona.ly and has collaborated with many giant organizations including the renowned SSL. With the above said, let’s delve deeper to see what Survey Time is all about and whether they are worth the hustle.

How Does Survey Time Work?

Survey Time is a very straightforward platform for people who want to earn passive income. You can join the website in 3 easy steps without a headache.

  1. You need to be able to register and complete your profile for a few minutes.
  2. You will see some Surveys on your dashboard on email notifications. Complete them as per the requirements.
  3. As soon as you submit your responses, collect your payment immediately.

How the platform works have been pretty summarized above. The survey comes in numbers however the spot gets finished and replaced in a short while. Just like any online work platform, you are competing with many other workers so you need to be fast before the needed positions are fully exhausted.

Most Survey websites use your profile to match and suggest surveys for you. It doesn’t require hours to complete, usually users take approximately less than 10 minutes to finish the profile survey.

Often, common information about geographical questionnaires such as household income, education, work history, and minor math data is required. There is an old scientific adage that says “garbage in garbage out” so be careful the information you put across. It has the tendency of determining which survey is suggested to you.

For the surveys themselves, a short questionnaire with one or two questions pertaining to the survey will be presented before they are entered. You shouldn’t worry, because it takes five seconds to get past these literally.

How Much Can You Earn on Survey Time?

Let state on record that this isn’t going to make you buy the car and houses you dream about but hopefully it will give you a passive income for breakfast.

It becomes more fascinating here. As alluded to most of its participants, Survey Time pays for all its surveys equally, mostly 1$. Reckon once more if you doubt it isn’t much of income for a survey.

It’s sometimes a 10-minute survey reward to this dollar. Other times, in a minute or two, you are going to make it. But rather than speculating, let’s do the math. You will receive four surveys, each of which takes 15 minutes to complete. This is $4 an hour and you can proudly say you gained it with a punching effort.

Is Survey Time legit or scam?

Survey Time is not a scam. They are a legit Survey website offering several passive income opportunities for people who want to earn via Surveys. Of course, many users have got their account banned during the time of withdrawals but definitely there are remote causes.

Most often, passive income workers come from developing countries while most survey providers target advanced countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and other European countries. This makes it difficult for those outside the jurisdiction to partake in the Surveys.

Those who feel left out use proxy and VPN software to set up their profiles and complete Surveys. Once caught, your account will be banned and this reason is what most are not happy about.

My advice is, if you want to earn legitly, do not break the rules of the “hands” that feeds you. You may end up losing everything.

Pros of Survey Time

  1. For every survey you completed, you’ll be rewarded with $1 USD and paid straight away.
  2. Payment via Paypal immediately
  3. Open worldwide to members
  4. Free to join – 100 percent

Cons of Survey Time

  1. You are not able to accumulate your income since you get paid every time you complete a survey.
  2. No password can be changed


  • What is SurveyTime Login (Survey Time): You can log in Survey Time by visiting: SurveyTime.io
  • Who owns Survey Time? Survey Time is owned by Persona.ly
  • Is SurveyTime Safe?. Yes SurveyTime is very safe
  • How and when will you get notified about new surveys? There are a number of ways to notify you of new surveys: text, email, and web notifications (when you respond to their questions you can turn these options on) or check the Surveytime website for new surveys.
  • How to download Survey Time App? As at the time of this review, Survey Time has no app in Google PlayStore or the App Store.

Conclusion on Survey Time

Surveytime is known to be a legit Survey website and has been paying users for years and still paying and can be considered as a medium business, mostly patronized by second and third world countries looking for online jobs.

If you are home looking for a way to make passive income, this is an opportunity for you. Please use the review box below to share your experience about Surveytime without us.