Summer Camp Returns to the Talented and Gifted App!

Summer Camp Returns to the Talented and Gifted App!

Across the nation, school districts have ramped up their summer programs after a chaotic school year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. While face-to-face summer school may be well underway, many of these programs are incredibly lacking for elementary students, and most of them focus merely on credit recovery and grade promotion.

At Kids Academy, we want to offer families something more. We know that parents of early learners may not be looking to simply cover missed skills, but instead for an opportunity to enhance their child’s skills and take their knowledge to the next level. We also know that families might be looking for a summer program that is more personalized to nurture their learner’s unique needs. That’s why we’re pleased to once again offer Summer Camp through the Talented and Gifted app!

Subjects and Skills Covered

Our summer camp courses are specially tailored for kids in preschool through 3rd grade and are laser-focused on the most essential concepts and skills. Whether children are remediating for learning gaps or are ready to tackle content in their upcoming grade level, there is a curriculum to meet every child’s academic needs. Specifically, summer camp focuses on these core subject areas:

  • English language arts, which focuses on literacy development, phonics, reading, and writing skills
  • Math, which includes numeracy, developing number sense, logical reasoning, and problem-solving skills
  • Social studies, with emphasis on community, citizenship, history, and culture
  • Science skills, which include a range of topics, from weather to plants and animals!

Depending on a learner’s level, topics progress with increasing complexity appropriate to the child’s grade and progression through the curriculum. While the subject areas are the same for each grade level, students work on varying concepts that build off of prior knowledge to boost their skills to new heights!

In-App Features

Just like in all our apps and programs, summer camp courses are created and vetted by educational experts and master teachers. All our programs share incredible features that motivate kids to learn and do their best! As a result, summer camp activities include the following:

  • Exciting child-friendly games and activities that are age and grade appropriate
  • Interactive quizzes, worksheets, and coloring pages that are both motivating and meaningful
  • Expertly voiced content that provides instant positive feedback as well as instructions for emergent readers
  • Professional video tutorials with real teachers for direct instruction in targeted topics and skill areas
  • A parent dashboard that gives caregivers a way to track progress and learning through the app

Make the most of summer! Our Summer Camp for kids is an opportunity for learners to not only recover lost learning, but to enhance skills and make genuine progress, all while having fun!