Small Apartment Design Ideas Even a Student Can Afford

Small Apartment Design Ideas Even a Student Can Afford

Small apartments are in great demand in the real estate market. Due to the low cost, many people can buy their own small-sized housing. However, making such a home both practical and comfortable can be difficult. Therefore, the design of a small apartment requires a special approach. After all, you need to find a place for the living room, bedroom, kitchen, etc., in a small area.

As it is known, the main task of a small apartment is its functionality. To meet all the needs of the owners, it is necessary not only to make the most of each square meter but also to find additional space. Therefore, it is recommended to consider different apartment interior design ideas and choose the best option.

In this article, you will find quite interesting solutions that even a student can afford. The young person needs to organize functional and comfortable housing, but at the same time save money. After all, there are a number of other costs; for example, college students often need to hire professional writers to buy term paper, create a presentation, complete a test task, solve exercises, etc. Thus, don’t miss the opportunity to create a unique and comfortable design in your apartment without spending extra money!

Specificity of Creating a Beautiful and Functional Design in a Small Apartment

The main task when creating an interior in a college student apartment is to make it visually spacious. The easiest way is to use the rule of light distribution. The ceiling should be the lightest, the walls – a little darker, and the floor can be the darkest. In addition, it is important to remember that all light shades visually expand the space and dark – narrow it.

There is another little trick – to use reflective and shiny coatings in the interior. These can be stretch lacquered ceilings, wallpaper with silkscreen, etc. Varnish paints can be used to decorate walls and ceilings. The flooring can be made of parquet or linoleum with a shiny surface. 

Neutral Style

If the apartment is small in size, you can choose a neutral style to compensate for this shortcoming. Neutral curtains and walls, combined with silver and black inserts, will make the interior much larger and give a unique shade of clarity. For ultra-small apartments, hidden furniture is just an amazing solution. Just imagine how useful is a barely noticeable coffee table, which performs many ancillary functions.

Proper Zoning

Arranging zones in a small apartment will help create maximum comfort for residents. They will definitely place the right accents in the design of housing. In general, a small apartment should be divided into the following functional sectors:

  • Dining and kitchen areas, sometimes combined with a living room;
  • Bathroom area;
  • Bedroom area;
  • Home office for placing a computer and performing homework assignments.

Expansion of Space

If you have a small apartment, you should think about visually expanding the space. This can be achieved through the use of specific furniture, mirrors, etc.

The main advice for furniture in small apartments: it should not be bulky. Sometimes, it happens that the room is small, and there is a huge sofa, which is not comparable to the scale of the room. If the apartment is small, then the sofa should be medium in size. It is also necessary to properly organize the storage of things. Cabinets should be made invisible as if everything is stored in the walls. The cabinet should be from ceiling to floor, and there can be a refrigerator or the whole wardrobe.

It is recommended to use mirrors. The mirror should be on the plane of the wall. Often there is not enough space in the passage areas of the apartment: the hallway, the adjacent part of the hallway, and the kitchen. In the corridor, the mirror is the most functional because you can look at yourself before going out and at the same time visually enlarge the area. The bathroom is also well suited for the use of mirrors.

Decorate the windows properly. If it is curtains or eaves, you do not need to hang them in the middle of the wall. It is better to do it from a ceiling to a floor, that is, from an axis to an axis. The same applies to cabinets. They must be high to the ceiling, and then they will be considered as part of the wall.

Maximization of Storage Space for the Right Things

In a small one-room apartment, the furniture should perform a dual function – the design and storage of household items. Buy chairs, tables, and sofas with built-in storage compartments. You can keep different things in containers, hidden under the sofa, or placed in the corner of the box, invisible at first glance.

You can easily change, visually expand your narrow living room with bright colours using 3D wallpaper. If you don`t know how to arrange living room furniture, pay attention that a bright white sofa combined with black and orange graphic wallpaper will look amazing in your room. For this interior, try to choose green curtains for sharper contrast. Just be creative, and you will be satisfied with your small apartment.

Design Tricks About Decorating a Small Apartment

Interior stylists have their own little secrets that can help make the atmosphere of your apartment pleasant, beautiful, and as comfortable as possible:

  • Whatever the planning, at the entrance, there often is an empty area that just needs to be used wisely. Approach the interior solution rationally, install a pantry or wardrobe in this place. This will allow you not to install a closet or extra bedside tables in the room itself;
  • One of the most interesting bedroom decoration ideas today is the demolition of the wall between the room and the kitchen. The vacated space can be taken by a dining table of the standard size instead of a small and non-functional one. By connecting the kitchen to the main part of the living space, you get a bright studio. Your interior will look fashionable and fresh;
  • No less important is the color scheme in which the interior will be made. On the one hand, psychologists note that colors and shades affect a person’s mood in different ways, and on the other hand, the color palette can be very useful in terms of functionality. Light unobtrusive tones will help to visually expand the room. Designers recommend using sand, cream, and green colors.

In conclusion, it seems appropriate to note that the house does not always have to be large. Just use smart, good ideas for designing a small space in your apartment. Accessories and play of light will help to compensate for the lack of certain furniture. Make sure that all the details look stylish and harmonious, and then your home will be beautiful and comfortable to live in.