Silk Press for Natural Curly Hair

Silk Press for Natural Curly Hair

A silk press is quite different from the usual har straightening most of us are used to. This method is the best way to create a soft silky look on a head with super curly natural hair with long-lasting results.

To transform your everyday hairstyle into a glamorous one, using this method involves hair products, hairbrushes and combs, and a good flat iron for the silk press.

Achieving a super straight and shiny mane of hair is something that ladies with super curly and extra wavy natural hair crave for special occasions. Some methods use chemicals such as the Brazilian blow-dry, other Keratin treatments, or the relaxer ones. A chemical-free process like the silk press one solely requires applying some type of hair protection, some serum, and the use of a flat iron to give the hair a subtle bounce and lustrous look.

How to silk press afro or super curly hair

To straighten your hair at home, by using this method, you need to follow few steps:

  • Clean your hair by washing it with a shampoo that contains moisturizing agents – you may want to opt for one without sulfate as it will no dry your curls.
  • Use a good conditioner that contains natural oil extracts to moisturize your hair deeply. This will then offer additional protection from heat and frizz. To lock in the moisture, keep the conditioner on for 30 to 40 minutes and use lukewarm to cold water, depending on how well you get on with the low temperature on your skin.
  • Add adequate anti-frizz hair protection designed to use flat irons to reduce the possibility of damaging hair through heat.
  • Dry your hair using a hair-dryer and brushing through it. You could use a hair-dryer brush if you have one. This will give you salon-like results.
  • Add a serum for super shiny and well-moisturized hair.
  • Straighten your hair with the flat iron of your choice. It’s recommended that you invest in one that is suitable for this type of procedure, with high heat settings.

Patience is key to achieve the wanted healthy-looking, glamorous straight hair that retains its body and movement.

You could also opt-in for a salon treatment where prices start from 55$/70£.

How long does silk press treatment last?

A silk press can hold its style for up to 4 weeks. This depends on how far you manage to keep water or steam and any extra moisture away from the hair (these will make your hair revert to its original curly shape).

The silk press duration can be extended by wrapping the hair with a scarf made from natural silk before bedtime. The scarf will help to keep the hair smoother for more days.

A silk press is the safest version to straighten tight curls. Without the use of any chemicals, your hair will look extra straight and sleek with a glamourous bounce and glow for an extended period. You can wear your new hairstyle with pride every day, for a special event or during a holiday just have fun!