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7 Marketing Tips for Growing Your Dental Practice

Finding out what you need to do to improve your dental practice marketing efforts is the easy part. The challenge is putting this into action.

Marketing is a vital part of business success. In the dental industry, this is true, as well.

Every practice and the market they operate in are unique. This means there’s no one right way to create a marketing strategy. The right marketing mix will combine various tactics that will help ensure the desired results are achieved.

While this is true, you may still need some marketing tips along the way. Keep reading to find some of the most effective dental practice marketing tips to help grow your business and get more patients through the door.

1. Facebook Ads Featuring Local Awareness

Reaching your local audience is easier when you implement Local Awareness campaigns. With this, you can use the map card to show relevant details about your business. This includes hours of operation, distance “from me,” the address, and even adding a “Get directions” link.

You can create a CTA that is a call button. This makes it easier than ever for potential patients to schedule an appointment.

2. Send Out Neighborhood Welcome Packs

After gathering a list of new people in the area from a realtor or another source, consider sending a “welcome to the neighborhood” flyer. By doing this, you can ensure the new people to the area are aware of your existence and the services you offer.

You may even want to include a coupon that provides a discount for their first appointment.

If a homeowner’s association or community already sends out these types of welcome packs, consider offering a gift or coupon from your practice. This is another way to increase community trust with potential patients.

3. Create a Patient Referral Bonus System

If you have an established dental practice, over 70% of all your new patient growth needs to come from patient referrals. However, current patients may not see your dental practice as a growing business and searching for new patients.

It is up to you to keep your practice’s name on their mind while encouraging them to tell other people about what you offer. This goes hand in hand with your digital marketing efforts, which you can learn more about with this article.

By creating a broad referral bonus program, you motivate your current patients to “spread the word.” With this, if someone recommends your practice to someone and they schedule an appointment, the referrer receives a reward.

The reward can be anything that makes sense. It may be a discount or a free dental product. With this program, you have a double benefit. You can engage both new and old patients and make them even more loyal to your practice.

4. Get Involved with a Local Non-Profit Organization

Getting more involved with your community is a great way to spread the word about your company. Consider partnering with a local non-profit organization. You can even offer dental services to underserved areas.

Dentists who give back to their community have a unique local marketing opportunity. Also, this will set the groundwork for how future patients will view you, all while allowing you to engage in local marketing and word-of-mouth advertising.

5. Use Click to Call Ads

One of the primary goals for any dental advertising or marketing is for prospects and patients’ book an appointment. This is typically done by using the phone and contacting the office.

You can begin using click-to-call ads, which are available through Google Ads and Facebook. They can be seen by tablet, desktop, and mobile device users.

You can add the extension to your current ads or create a call-only campaign.

6. Do Something That Is Press Worthy

One of the most challenging parts of marketing your dental practice online is ensuring that your efforts reach people locally. However, if you are able to attract local press, you can receive targeted, direct attention to your business, both offline and online.

A smart way to do this is with guerilla marketing tactics. This type of marketing uses surprising and unconventional methods to promote a service or product. When you do something new, the local media will likely include this in a future feature.

7. Create an Offer That Beats Your Competition

When trying to plan out a strategic marketing plan for your dental practice, you need to know your competition. You should never offer a new patient special for $99 if your three main competitors offer the same thing for $49.

Remember, patients are searching for convenience. This includes things like weekend availability, before or after school appointments, and one-visit treatments.

Find ways to differentiate your practice from the competition. This will ensure patients are getting what they want and will choose you over the competition.

Using the Right Marketing Tips for Your Dental Practice

You will find more than a few viable marketing tips for your dental practice. These can help increase your patient count and get more people through the door. Just remember, you may need to try a few of these to see what is effective.

Understanding what strategies to try will help you improve your practice and continue to grow.

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