Should You Choose an iPhone Wallet Case?: The Pros and Cons to Consider

Around the world, there are 1.65 billion active iPhones, and that number continues to grow at a steady pace.

If you are one of the billions of iPhone users, you likely want to keep your device safe from wear and tear so that it will last as long as possible. While there are many different types of iPhone cases, none is more convenient than an iPhone wallet case.

This article will consider the pros and cons of a wallet phone case vs. a regular phone case and help you decide which is right for you!

Pros of an iPhone Wallet Case

There are several wallet cases on the market, but the majority have a front flap with pockets that can close to cover the screen. Another common style has pockets incorporated into the back of the case.

No matter which style you have your eye on, let’s consider the main benefits of a wallet phone case!

Be a Light Traveler

One of the biggest perks of a wallet case is that it minimizes the number of items you need to carry with you, whether daily or while traveling. For example, if you have your phone with you, you also have your identification card and credit card.

Extra Protection

Most wallet cases have a front flap that adds extra protection from falls. Sometimes, manufacturers design these flaps to be shock-absorbing, which prevents your screen from cracking or breaking on impact.

Even if you choose a wallet case without a front flap, your iPhone case will likely protect your phone better with your credit cards stored on the back of it since there is extra padding between your phone and the ground.

Cons of an iPhone Wallet Case

As you can see, there are several benefits to using an iPhone wallet case. Now, let’s take a look at the cons of this iPhone accessory.

Risk of Losing Everything at Once

Despite the convenience of having all your essential items bundled together, you’re in deep trouble if you lose them all. Unfortunately, that can happen quite easily with a wallet case.

Moreover, if someone steals your phone, they also have access to your credit cards and personal information stored on your phone.

Bulkier in Your Pocket

Another con of wallet cases is that they may be quite bulky, especially if you need to carry several cards with you. Although the extra bulk adds shock absorption and protection, it also makes it more difficult to store your phone in your purse.

May Block Sensors for Apple Pay

If you like to use Apple Pay, you may have trouble with a wallet case. Some users report that the case blocks the sensors used with these applications.

Of course, if you use Apple Pay, you probably don’t have much need for a wallet case anyway.

Choosing a Wallet Phone Case vs. Regular Phone Case

While there are several benefits to using an iPhone wallet case, it’s up to you to decide whether it fits your lifestyle and personal preferences.

If you like to travel light and only need a card or two in your wallet, it’s probably a great choice for you! Yet, if you need to bring several identification cards along with debit and credit cards, you should stick to a regular protective phone case and your wallet.

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