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5 Benefits of Thermal Blankets for Insulation

Did you know that by using thermal blankets, you can cut costs significantly, extend the life of your equipment and make your workplace safer? Thermal blankets are covers for machinery components. Traditional hard insulation has a lot of problems, and thermal blankets aim to solve these.

If you want to know how to extend the life of equipment and how to make machines last longer, keep reading to discover the benefits of thermal blankets.

1. Reduce Costs With Thermal Blankets

Save thousands of dollars in energy bills using thermal blanket insulation. Without any insulation on your pipes, heat is escaping which is causing money to be lost. Keep hot pipes hot and cold pipes cold and start saving money.

Thermal insulation jackets usually pay themselves off in just one year. Unlike hard insulation, they can also be easily removed and reinstalled which also helps to cut costs. These benefits make them worth the investment for the long-term benefit of your company.

2. Protect the Environment and Reduce Waste

Thermal Blankets save energy which can help you meet your energy performance goals and reduce emissions. They are better for the planet and your bottom line at the same time.

When removed for maintenance, hard insulation commonly goes to waste — it is usually damaged or ineffective after removal. Insulation jackets help to prevent this unnecessary waste.

3. Improve Safety In The Workplace

Use thermal blankets to prevent workers from contact with high-temperature pipes and components. They can also insulate from noise and reduce room temperature overall, further enhancing safety.

Keep your employees safe, meet safety requirements, and avoid violations with thermal blankets.

4. Extend the Life of Your Equipment

Extreme temperatures can significantly lower the lifespans of your equipment. Make your equipment last longer by reducing exposure to the elements as well as accidental damage.

Outdoor pipes commonly become damaged over time due to water damage, which could be prevented with insulation jackets. Thermal blankets also help to retain heat and temperatures indoors to maintain the integrity of your equipment.

5. Make Maintenance Easier

Thermal jackets are easily removable within a few minutes without any support. This allows for easy inspections and maintenance of equipment.

This means that there doesn’t need to be any gaps in the insulation for components that need regular access. This is a common problem with traditional hard insulation. Easily removable jackets save a lot of time during any maintenance that is required. This can prevent production halts and added costs.

Thermal Blankets vs Other Types of Insulation

Thermal insulation can be installed on indoor and outdoor components to maintain hot and cold temperatures as needed. The main benefit of thermal blankets vs hard insulation is that they can be removed with ease. This helps to cut costs, reduce maintenance time and create less waste.

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