All Australian homeowners face a barrage of questions while constructing a new abode. Flooring is one such crucial decision. The right flooring can make or break the entire aesthetics of a home. Though there are many options for flooring, the most versatile option is tiling. It is easier to install, maintain, and add class to the house and comes in large varieties. Every homeowner wants the best tiling service in Sydney. These services can help them make a suitable choice for their homes.

Types of Tiling


These are usually made of red and white clay and are an excellent choice for floors and walls. It is durable, heavy and is easier to maintain. Suitable for places where there is a lot of movement, like office lobbies.


Granite tiles are made of volcanic rocks and are easy on the eyes. They bring out the beauty of the stone and can enhance the beauty of the floor. They are very durable and don’t stain. When paired with the right lighting, granite tiling can add grandeur to a place.


Like ceramic tiles, Porcelain flooring has a larger part of clay in its composition but has other materials and burns in the furnace for a longer duration. It is more expensive and adds class and elegance to the house. It is also heavier and lasts for a long time.


Sandstone flooring is an excellent option for outdoors and walls since it comes in natural colours, colours of the soil and colours that mimic nature. They remind one of the beach and sand and can help bring outdoors inside a home. It is easy to maintain and is an excellent option in places with heavy foot traffic


Travertine is a type of limestone that forms in springs. It consists of large parts of calcium carbonate in its composition and adds beauty to floors. It is highly water-resistant and hence makes for a great bathroom flooring option. It is also cost-effective and easy to maintain. As well this helps will help you understand how to clean your travertine floor of dirt and grime with this information from Clean Image of Orlando


Basalt is a volcanic rock that is dark in color. It is a stone that has graced the floors of many architectural marvels throughout history. Basalt brings a contemporary cosmopolitan look to the floor. It is suitable for professional spaces, and if paired with the right lighting, it would transform the walls of any room. It is dust-free and requires periodic cleaning.


Marble flooring is known for its aesthetic appeal and can increase the value of homes. It is exquisite to look at and is suitable for mansions and large houses. It is durable and surprisingly low maintenance. It is a worthy investment for homeowners who pride in their flooring.


Cobblestone is predominantly a naturally occurring stone like granite or basalt and is one of the best outdoor options. It can elevate pathways, driveways and gardens. The right flooring around a fountain can bring in a classy look to a whole garden. It is also water-resistant and is easy to install and maintain.

Terrazzo tiling

This is a composite tile containing glass, quartz, marble, granite, and other materials, and they make it by casting, pouring, and setting. Therefore it has a unique appeal to it and is available in an unlimited variety of colors and designs.

There are so many tiling options to choose from for new homeowners in Sydney and making a choice could be confusing. But choosing the right tiling service in Sydney will enable the homeowners to make the right tiling choices.