Saving Your Home From Mosquitoes: Have This Checklist?

Saving Your Home From Mosquitoes: Have This Checklist?

Mosquitos are potential carriers of various diseases. Bites from mosquitoes carry these viruses or parasites that can cause severe illness. Infected mosquitoes can spread diseases like malaria, influenza, dengue, yellow fever, elephantiasis, or filariasis and cause brain infection (encephalitis). Therefore it should be ensured that you and your family members stay away from mosquito bites. 

Thanks to the latest updates around technology, we now have the mosquito sensor that can be easily installed at homes and workplaces. Besides, here’s a checklist on some quick ways to protect your house of mosquito bites. 

Tips To Prevent Mosquito Inside A House 

1. Attach fly screens in your household – You can install fly screens in windows, doors, vents, chimneys, and other empty spaces which you think would allow mosquitoes in the house. The screens are made out of mesh, and you can choose upon its coarseness. The idea should be 12×12 meshes per 25mm or 1.2mm. If you want to prevent even more minor bugs and insects from entering your house, you can opt for a coarser one.

2. Spray repellents and insect sprays all around the home – There are various sprays that one can use outdoors and indoors. Each insect spray comes with its designated purpose, so please check the bottle before you use them inside your house. Here is a guide of which one to use where:

  1. You can use ‘knockdown’ fly sprays against the mosquitoes visible in your home.
  2. You can also use vaporizers for enclosed spaces, but they must be kept in check and switched off appropriately. 
  3. There are mosquito coils that will be helpful for outdoor space. 
  4. While using sprays in your garden area or any other outdoor space, make sure you don’t use them near the ponds.

3. Keep a constant check on gardens and yards to prevent the growth of mosquitoes- Mosquitoes can breed even in the least amount of water, and if you have a ward or a garden, it’s most likely that they would grow there. Here are some ways how you can prevent it :

  1. Keep your yard clutter-free and remove anything that can collect water.
  2. Cover all the places where it can collect water.
  3. Clean the gutters regularly to allow the proper flow of water.

There are machines that you can use to kill mosquitos: Here are some of them-

  1. Mosquito killer machine – These are cathode light mosquito traps that operate silently.
  2. UV light mosquito killer – These are used in restaurants, restrooms, hospitals, and many more areas. They can cover a large extent.
  3. Mosquito sensor – ADUK GmbH has developed a timely solution, a mosquito sensor to get rid of mosquitoes and annoying pests. It uses artificial lighting to kill the mosquitos.
  4. LED light mosquito killer – They attract mosquitos, and the suction fan sucks in the mosquitos. 


Out of all the suggestions, mosquito sensors are the most technologically evolved. People can also use it in the agricultural sector to get rid of pests. It is easy and safe to use and helps determine when to spray insecticides.