Handy Tips To Make Sure Your Child Is Ready for the School Years

Handy Tips To Make Sure Your Child Is Ready for the School Years

Starting school is a massive life change for most young kids and for some, it can even be downright scary. If a child is sent off to their first day of school with no preparation whatsoever, it could even be a traumatic experience. That’s why it’s better for both the child and the parents if the child has been groomed and prepared for the school years to come.

The Importance of School Preparedness

Change can be a little frightening at any stage in life. We are all guilty of slipping into a comfort zone that we are reluctant to step out of. This can happen to small children who have spent the first five years of their life in the home environment and then suddenly they are thrust into a completely foreign environment in the classroom and schoolyard. Quite abruptly, everything has changed and this can lead to things like separation anxiety, among other issues.

For this reason, it’s vital that parents do what they can to help prepare their children for the school days ahead, so kids know a little about what to expect and feel like they are more school ready.

Teach Kids the Basics In Academics

If children are taught the basics at home in core subjects such as English, reading, writing and math, they won’t be starting school completely from scratch when it comes to classroom activities. A little bit of knowledge can go a long way when it comes to a child’s confidence levels.

Homeschool activities for preschoolers don’t have to be boring. There are always ways to make education fun and engaging. For example, rather than writing simple mathematical equations down on a piece of paper, objects can be used for adding and subtracting, something that engages their interest.

Playing educational games and solving puzzles can be a big help and offering rewards for getting the answers correct in simple math quizzes can be a major incentive for children to learn and learn quickly.

Talk To Your Child Regularly About School

Part of what can make starting school scary is when a child knows virtually nothing about it, what to expect or why they have to even go to school in the first place. That’s why it’s vital to mention school quite often before they are even close to starting, so the subject becomes familiar and common knowledge.

If a child has older brothers and sisters who are already going to school, they can be a great help in this regard. Children often trust the opinion of other children and will therefore be more inclined to receive the words of wisdom and advice from older siblings, as they are currently living in the school years.

Whenever school is discussed with a preschooler, always talk about the subject positively. Mention all the good points about school, how they will have fun and get to make new friends to play with and so on.

Enrol Your Child In An Early Education Facility

An early child care center isn’t merely a place for working parents to leave their children until it’s time to pick them up at the end of the day. Early education centres are exactly that; places where young children receive a grounding in education basics and where they can participate in school readiness activities on a regular basis. Kids also get to spend time with other kids, make friends, build their self-confidence, improve their social and communication skills and also have a lot of fun every day.

One of the very best ways you can prepare your child for the school years is to enrol them in early education.

Learning Independence Also Helps

The more independent a child is, the more confident they’ll feel when walking into those school grounds for the very first time. There is also far less chance of any separation anxiety setting in too.

You can build a child’s independence by giving them responsibility around the home. Some examples might be doing chores, helping to prepare meals, keeping their room tidy, choosing the clothes they’ll wear. Just the little things like this can go a long way towards building a more independent child.

The school years don’t have to be a scary proposition. It all comes down to being prepared and aware of what to expect.