Sanders supporters accused of late-night bullhorn protests of Dem officials

Sanders supporters accused of late-night bullhorn protests of Dem officials

Outnumbered – Thursday, February 27

Supporters of Democratic presidential primary front-runner Bernie Sanders are once again being called out for bad behavior.

This time, a group of Sanders’ supporters gathered outside the home of Nevada’s Democratic Party chairman last Friday – the evening before the state’s caucus – and protested with a bullhorn to warn party officials against “any shenanigans.”

“I want assurances that there isn’t going to be any shenanigans going on tomorrow. The Democratic Party does not control what happens,” Maria Estrada, a Sanders supporter from Los Angeles, said into the bullhorn, according to a Facebook Live video she streamed on her personal page. Estrada continued her call by claiming that the 2016 election was rigged against Sanders.

The video was first reported by Politico.

William McCurdy, the Nevada party chair and a member of the state assembly, confronted the protesters outside his home and told them they “crossed the line.”

Estrada led several late-night protest in recent days at the homes of Democratic Party officials and California lawmakers, including those of Secretary of State Alex Padilla and state Democratic Party Chairman Rusty Hicks, with the police being called twice.

Despite the bad press for her candidate, Estrada told Politico she has no plans to stop her activities.

“Protesting is our right — whether they called the police or not is irrelevant,” Estrada, a longtime progressive activist, told the news site in a Facebook message.

The late-night gathering is just the latest incident of Sanders’ supporters using hard-handed tactics to push for their candidate.

In the leadup to Nevada’s caucus last week, the state’s politically influential Culinary Union released a statement claiming that its members have been “viciously attacked” by Sanders’ supporters after receiving numerous phone calls and social media messages. The messages came a day after the union released a flyer claiming that Sanders wants to “end culinary health care.”

Sanders argued during a recent debate that 99.9 percent of his millions of Twitter followers “are decent human beings, are working people, are people who believe in justice, compassion and love, and if there are a few people who make ugly remarks, who attack trade union leaders, I disown those people. They are not part of our movement.”

He added that that African American women working on his campaign had been the subject of “vicious, racist, sexist attacks” and that he wouldn’t be surprised if Russian trolls were behind the attacks attributed to his supporters.

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