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Ridiculous and Strange Rules around the World about Online Slot Machines

Online slot machines have become widespread since the 1990s when technology becomes a major aspect of our lives and the Internet’s availability. People who used to visit land-based casinos find that online casinos are much easier because you don’t have to go far from your home to visit the casino and wait in the crowd. However, like any other gambling and betting activity, online slots machines have some ridiculous and strange rules and laws worldwide that would blow your mind. In this article, you will come across some of these rules. Here you can find the best gambling sites.

Ridiculous and strange rules in the USA

When we think of Slots machines, we immediately think of the U.S. and specifically Las Vegas. It is widely spread there and almost legal in all states, but there are still some weird rules. For example, it is forbidden to play slot machines on Sundays in some states, like in Alabama. This is a holy day, and you should not gamble on Sundays. If you are caught gambling on Sundays, you will not be considered a criminal or put in jail, but you have to pay a fine. In Kentucky, anyone who loses more than $5 in gambling can sue to get back the money and what is stranger than that is the ability to sue against the winner if six months passed and you didn’t get compensation for the loss incurred. The most fun way people follow to avoid this rule is to bet with 4$ because 5$ and more can put them in trouble.

Ridiculous and strange rules in Japan

The most ironic thing is that Japan is full of gambling games, especially slot machines, and even more than America, but it is still illegal, and you may be punished for playing it. The government put restrictions and high fines for playing any gambling or betting games. Both online and real, slot machines are so widespread in Japan that it is ranked as the first country in the number of slot machines.

Ridiculous and strange rules in the U.K.

Although online slot machines can be easily played wherever you are, but not in England and Wales, according to the Library Offence Act 1898, which bans gambling in libraries, you can open an online slot machine once you get out of the library casino on your phone with no trouble. It is an aged law, but it is still in effect today.

Ridiculous and strange rules in Netherland

Nearly any type of gambling or betting is allowed in Netherland, whether in an online or land-based casino. Therefore, Dutch people practice gambling and betting freely. Still, there is also a strange rule regarding online casinos, which is forbidden for a foreign company to run online gambling sites in Netherland. It is forbidden for the Dutch to use foreign sites while domestic sites are legal. There is also a restriction regarding the domestic company that runs online Casinos because it is forbidden to use website ads. Nearly all online casinos use website ads to get profit, but in Netherland, it is forbidden.

Ridiculous and strange rules in Germany

Playing any gambling games in Germany in a land-based casino is legal, while online betting and gambling are illegal. The government had legalized and licensed only some online casinos and put a betting limit for online players. However, people still find a way to practice it via foreign online casinos. Schleswig-Holstein is also a country where you can gamble and bet online freely, unlike any other part of Germany.

Ridiculous and strange rules in South Korea

Online slot machines are illegal in South Korea, so you can play slot machines in online casinos while it is legal to play in land-based casinos. However, the ironic and strange rule is that some land casinos are prevalent in South Korea that couldn’t be used for Korean but foreigners only. This is because there are more land-based casinos for foreigners than for Koreans.

Ridiculous and strange rules in Russia

Russian people practice gambling and betting widely, and there are a lot of land-based casinos, and they are legalized, but it is highly forbidden to play online gambling. There are harsh restrictions by the government over online casinos or any company trying to run an online casino.

To sum up

everywhere you go, you will hear strange laws and rules about gambling and betting, whether in land-based or online casinos. Even countries that legalize these games, such as the United States, but some states put restrictions or laws that are strange and ridiculous, and the same is true for any place in this world because wherever you go, you will hear new strange rules and funny facts.