Nanogames Referral Code freespin123 for free spin to win 10 Etherium every day and huge signup bonuses

Nanogames is an online crypto based casino with over 10000 provably fair slots and table games, 11 plus choices of cryptocurrency and lighting fast deposits and withdrawals. 

The Nanogames referral code is freespin123 and can be applied at the Nanogames signup screen to claim free spin to win up to 10 Ethereum every day and claim a huge 240% deposit bonus.

About how to use the Nanogames referral code?

  1. Copy Nanogames referral code freespin123
  2. Go to Nanogames signup screen here
  3. Click where it says ‘Sign up’
  4. Open up arrow that says ‘Casino/ Referral/Promo Code’
  5. Paste code in this section
  6. Complete your login details
  7. Then enjoy lucky free spin and other signup rewards! 

Can I use the code on mobile too?

Yes, you can as the platform supports both desktop and mobile devices. Plus, you do not need to install any additional software or applications as the casino is all web-based.

You can also learn more about the Nanogames referral code here.

Which cryptocurrencies can I play with?

With over 11 types of crypto, there is something to suit everyone’s needs at Nanogames. The site accepts currencies such as BTC, ETHER, DOGE, NANO and is always adding new cryptocurrencies for users to play with.

What other bonuses can I get?

Apart from the daily lucky spin and welcome/deposit bonus, users can enjoy a wide variety of additional rewards and bonuses. From free crypto ‘rain’ where users are showered randomly with rewards from BC and other players, Catch Paco allows players to earn prizes every 6 hours if they catch him when he appears. Users can also participate in weekly/daily task bonuses, achievements and daily spin competitions too. 

Do I need to do KYC verification?

Nanogames allows users to deposit, play, and withdraw straight away without  a lengthy verification process, meaning you will not have to send any documents to start using the platform. As with any crypto, gambling or financial platform, verification is always recommended to protect your account and assets.


If you like the chance to win free crypto daily, generous player rewards and a fantastic welcome bonus, then use Nanogames referral code freespin123 and enjoy all that the number one crypto-casino has to offer!