Contrast between online and traditional casinos: Which is best?

Contrast between online and traditional casinos: Which is best?

Until the rise of the internet, casino gaming was something that you had to do in person. You would have to travel physically to a casino location, abide by dress codes and play a relatively restricted array of games. On the other hand, you would be able to enjoy the unique casino atmosphere that for many people is the big attraction of this leisure pursuit.

The internet has changed all that. Now, you can log on using your computer or mobile device and enjoy a huge variety of casino gaming without leaving your house. So, which is the best: online or land-based? Here is a short guide to some of the main advantages and disadvantages of each.


The big advantage that the online casino has over land-based alternatives is convenience. Whether you are keen to try out online roulette, blackjack or the latest slots, you can play online casino games whenever you like. Just open your laptop, and you can try your luck at the blackjack table or spin the reels on a variety of slots.

The flip side of that convenience is the fact that there are none of the natural restraints that you would find in a traditional casino. When playing so many games is available at a mouse click, it can be easy to end up playing for longer than you’d intended. There are also none of the usual real-world delays, such as someone playing your favourite slot game, to check your play.

Gaming at a faster pace

If there’s one thing that can be frustrating for real-world casino goers, it is the relatively slow pace that the games can be played out. Land-based casino dealers are hard-working, but they can only shuffle and deal those cards or divide the chips at a certain speed. Once a hand or a turn has been completed, there is an inevitable delay while the table is cleared and the winnings claimed.

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With online casino gaming, there are none of these problems. The computer dealers can handle it all in a split second, which means that you can play more rounds or spins of your favourite game every hour, which makes casino gaming viable even if you have only a short time to spare. To avoid the risk that this might lead to excessive risk taking or gambling, reputable online casinos will ensure that there is a minimum time between each spin or hand.

No dress code but no drinks!

Most land-based casinos have some form of dress code. Even those that don’t specify a strict code will not let you in without trousers or a shirt on! There are no such problems with online casinos, which you can play while still in your dressing gown, or while lounging in a t-shirt outside.

Of course, the flip side of that convenience is the absence of the freebies that you can get in a real-world casino, which can include free drinks or even buffet vouchers. Casinos prefer you to be playing their games for as long as possible, so they are happy to provide you with food and drink.

Game variety

There is no doubt that online casino gaming takes the prize when it comes to game variety. Even the biggest and most diverse Las Vegas casino cannot compete in terms of game variety with the array of casino experiences available on the internet. If you have accounts at just a few online casinos, you have access to thousands upon thousands of games, from the latest in high-tech 3D slot titles to live table and card games, and a huge array of other game types. As long as you have the funds to play them, you will be able to enjoy them without limits or queuing.

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Cashing out

One of the exciting aspects of live casino gaming is that you get to handle the casino chips and there is nothing quite like being able to scoop up a pile of chips and then exchanging them for real cash. That element of the casino experience is obviously not available to online casino players, but on the other hand, cashing out your winnings is much faster and more convenient when you play online.


There is no doubt that when it comes to leisure time, online casinos offer greater convenience, variety of games and accessibility than their land-based counterparts. However, for those who particular enjoy the land-based casino atmosphere, nothing can fully replace that experience. The good news is that both real-world and online casinos are thriving all over the world, so there is plenty of choice for everyone.