Gardening gifts for mums

Mother’s day gifts for mums who love gardening

Mother’s day falls on the perfect time for mothers who love gardening. For the mothers who are absolutely in love with plants and flowers and love maintaining their garden, Mother’s Day is a blessing since it falls during the springtime when the plants start growing and blooming. If your mom loves to spend time with plants in her garden then you need not worry about getting mothers day gifts for your mum because the preferences and hobbies of your mum have made it a much easier task for you to decide what to give to your mother on the occasion of Mother’s Day. You can spoil your mom by giving her such gifts that can be used to enhance her garden. Given below are a variety of gift ideas that are perfect for moms who love gardening and therefore you must have a look at the list of gardening gifts below and choose one for your mum.

Seeds for plants

Giving seeds as gifts is a wonderful way for surprising your mom. She would love to receive seeds that can be grown into new plants. These plants can make her garden appear more lively therefore you can buy seeds from the market. These seeds could be flowering plants or fruit-bearing plants. It would be nice to know about the nursing routine of the seed before planting them. You may give these seeds in a jar or other container or pack the seeds in a paper bag and give it to your mum. 

Gardening tools

You can help your mom to maintain a pretty garden by giving some gardening tools on the occasion of Mother’s Day. These tools can consist of anything, be it a wheelbarrow or basket or a pack of fertilizers or gloves for your mom so that her nails do not get dirty while she spends time with the plants. Apart from these tools, you may look for a gardening book as well that would have certain tips and steps that can be used by your mother to grow the plants well. You could also give a sprinkler that would help to water the plants well and ensure their growth. 

Some flowers

You can order Mother’s Day flowers online and surprise your mum with the bunch of lovely blooms that can be placed in a vase in her bedroom or living room so that your mum can look at the flowers and be reminded of your love. Also, she can use certain parts of these flowers and propagate them through methods of grafting or cutting and grow them in her garden. In this way, your gift will become an everlasting one simply because it can be planted and grown in your garden for a long time. 

Statue for her Garden

You must have received various showpieces for your house. You would have also given various statues such as those of laughing Buddha or dancing couples to your loved ones on various occasions, but have you ever gifted a statue for someone’s garden? If not, now is the perfect time to do so you can search the market or various online portals and look for statues of various shapes such as those of animals or birds or angels and give it to your mom as a gift to be placed in her garden. 

Beautiful pots

Everyone makes use of the regular brown color pots for placing the plants and growing them. If you want to give a unique gift to your mother you can look for pretty decorated and designed pots with beautiful patterns on them and give them to your mom. Such beautiful pots would increase the beauty of your garden, also every passerby would be attracted towards the plants because of the beautiful flower pots in which they are placed. 


You can give a pair of gloves to your mum so that she can wear them whenever she goes into her garden. Wearing the gloves would facilitate better ease of work and she would also not have to worry about her hands getting dirty or mud getting filled in her nails so the gloves would help her to take care of her plants without worrying about the hygiene issues related to mud and dirt. 

This was a list of interesting gifts for mothers who love plants. You make look for more mothers day gifts online and choose the best present for your mum.