Law Tutoring

Law Tutoring For Students At LawMind

Commercial private law, civil law, criminal law, public law, general law, labor law … no matter in which area you need tutoring – our experienced tutors will support you!

We offer our tuition in civil law, criminal law, private commercial law, etc. in face-to-face tuition throughout the world, but our online tuition is more popular. The credit goes to our professional LNAT tutors at LawMind. Regardless of the legal topic you need tuition, be it the 1st state examination or the final examination – ask us about your legal topic!

In a free trial lesson, you can see without obligation whether our law tuition is right for you!

Why take law or private business law tutoring at Law Mind?

  • Individual tutoring in one-to-one tuition with your own tutor
  • Flexible dates – tutoring when you need it, even on weekends
  • Tuition without contracts at fair prices

How does tutoring work?

You start off with our free trial lesson – without any obligation. If everything is right for you, you can book any number of tutoring lessons. We don’t have contracts – we work like a prepaid cell phone. You arrange your tutoring appointments with your tutor and only take tutoring in law or private business law if you need it. If you have used all of the units you have booked, you can book new tutoring or your legal tutoring has ended.

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Free trial lesson – what do I have to do?

The best thing to do is to send us an email with your current problem, but of course you are also welcome to give us a call! Either way, you will receive your individual offer from us for your request for legal tuition. If everything fits you, we will exchange the contact between you and your potential tutor for law.

What does the tutoring cost?

The prices for 45 minutes of individual tuition for tuition for students range between $ 22.50 – $ 39.50. That depends on your subject, your specific topic and of course the semester. Just talk to us or send us an inquiry!

How fast can I start?

Get started in our popular online class today. Please allow 1-2 days for tutoring. We try to ensure that you can start immediately!

Tutoring studies at LawMind 

It is now completely normal for students to take tutoring during their studies. Because the exam schedules are tight, the topics are complex and time is short.

Therefore, one should not waste time and work through gaps in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, mathematics, business administration or statistics with an experienced tutor in targeted individual lessons.

Finding the right tutor is often not easy. That is why we at LawMind have specialized in offering our customers tutors from all subjects. In online lessons, but also on site throughout the World, e.g., England, United States of America, Dubai, Canada, Austria, Australia, Asian Countries, and many more. 

So, if you are a student, looking for tutoring for your studies and preferably not in a group, but in individual one-to-one lessons – get in touch with us!