KNUST SRC President receive beatings of his life, nearly kidnapped

The Student Representative Council (SRC) President of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), has received the beatings of his life and was nearly kidnapped by some alumni affiliated to the Unity Hall (Conti) for not giving them a fare Shar after they vigorously campaign for him to win the election.

The boys who were not on campus traveled all the way from Accra to give the SRC President a taste of how it feels to be neglected after they campaigned for him to win the elections.

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Adu-Baah Charle who is the SRC President confirmed the incident when contacted through phone.

He was forced to withdraw last year after his running mate was disqualified on the grounds of not reaching the minimum CGPA of 2.5.

But he did not give up and contested this year’s election. He won by a huge margin with a total of 11,225 votes out of 17,046votes cast representing 65.96%.

He faced a fierce battle against 6 other contestants and was able to beat all of them to emerge victorious.

After his triumphant victory, it emerges that some of the senior boys who campaigned for him were sidelined from an equal share of the school cake and this got them angry hence their action to teach Mr Adu-Baah Charles popularly known as ABC.

After the suspects met him outside the school campus, they chanted ‘Mission accomplished’ and gave him 8 hot slaps after which they asked him to be vigilant in his activities.

It is reported that the SRC President failed to award some undeserving candidates of the ‘Ketewa Bia Nsua’ (KBN) funds the group presented to the President.

The KBN funds seek to empower needy students with some allowances to aid their upkeep and survival on the University campus. It is an initiative of the KNUST SRC.

The case has been reported to the KNUST Police and investigations have begun into the matter.