Kanye West speaks to Lawrence Jones at 'Sunday Service' with Joel Osteen, says he feels 'liberated'

Kanye West speaks to Lawrence Jones at ‘Sunday Service’ with Joel Osteen, says he feels ‘liberated’

Fox News contributor Lawrence Jones got an exclusive behind-the-scenes interview with Kanye West at the “Sunday Service Experience,” a free faith-filled concert featuring a choir, at Pastor Joel Osteen’s megachurch in Houston, Texas.

Appearing on “Fox & Friends” with hosts Steve Doocy, Ainsley Earhardt and Brian Kilmeade, Jones said that he had been around music and preaching his entire life, but had never seen so many kids “dragging their parents to church.”

“I mean, can you just imagine that?” he asked incredulously.

West has been vocal in recent months about his conversion to Christianity and how God has been guiding him. Sunday’s concert was open to fans of all faiths.

Tickets for the free concert were distributed through Ticketmaster and sold out within minutes Saturday, though some people were known to be reselling them for hundreds of dollars.

West has been traveling around the U.S. holding his “Sunday Service” concerts since January, including at the Coachella festival, at an outdoor shopping center in Salt Lake City and at an Atlanta-area megachurch.

Last month, he released  “Jesus Is King,” a Gospel-themed album that’s been described as Christian rap.

On stage alongside Osteen, West said Sunday that God had been “calling [him] for a long time,” and the devil had been “distracting [him] for a long time.”

In an interview backstage with Jones, he said that he felt like his recent turn to gospel music has provided him with a secure mind and spirit.

“Because, the main thing that people try to do is use comments, naysayers, to throw you off your course and distract you. And, we’re keeping our eye on Christ at all times. It’s always in service. And that removes the fear,” West explained.

He said that he feels “liberated in service” in this work and is grateful for everything that God has given him.

“Praise God for the anointing and talent and what he’s given me since age 5 — me pursuing the arts, going to art school, or even the scholarship he gave me from the Art Institute of Chicago,” he told Jones. “All of these things he gave me: these platforms at the Grammy’s, through the visual arts, through space, through live performances — now I can be in service to him.”

Jones told the “Friends” hosts that Kanye is a vessel for God.

“God uses vessels and Kanye was a vessel. … I think it’s a powerful message,” Jones concluded.