Gushegu: Women, children flee after alleged Chieftancy dispute turns violent

There is heightened tension in a village called Kpatinga in the Gushegu district  over an alleged chieftaincy conflict.

A misunderstanding that ensued, Citi News understands, resulted in the chaotic scenes in the Gushegu constituency leading to the burning of houses.

Residents in the area who spoke to Citi News also claimed they heard gunshots in the area.

An assemblyman in the town, Alhassan Ziblim who witnessed the clashes, told Citi News that “I heard the gunshots, but I don’t know whether it was from the police or the other people, but yes I heard the gunshots in the area.”

The resultant gunfire has also led to residents, especially children and women fleeing the area.

The clashes have also led to three people sustaining gun shot wounds.

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