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Is It Really Worth Building a Custom Gaming PC?

If you’ve been gaming on a PC for a while now, you’ve probably toyed with the idea of building your own gaming PC. This could be a good option depending on the type of gamer you are, and how tech-savvy you are, but it isn’t for everybody. If you think it is a good way to make savings, you might be disappointed by how small the savings will be at the end, especially if you include the hours of work spent on building the PC. There are also plenty of things that can go wrong when building a PC of any kind, let alone a specialised machine like a gaming PC. So, is building a gaming PC worth it?

Building a PC Gives You More Control

The biggest benefit of building a PC is that you can add any components you want. If you want a machine with a crazy graphics card but feel like you could get away with an HDD disk drive and save money, then you can. A lot of pre-built gaming PCs will have unnecessarily powerful CPUs too and you’ll be able to build a PC with just enough power on the CPU while maximising things like your RAM and GPU.

Guarantees are Flimsy on Custom Builds

One of the things you have to know about building a PC is that you could make a mistake at some point and completely void the warranty on some or all of the components. And all it could take is for one bad component to fry your whole system. This could happen by doing something as simple as picking a bad power supply for the machine, for instance. A lot of people assume that the power supply is a small detail, but going for a cheap one could lead to a power surge and fry your whole motherboard. So, be very careful with the components you add, read the warranties carefully, and be 100% certain that you know what you’re doing.

A Regular PC is More than Enough for Casual Gamers

If you’re a casual gamer or like to play light games, then there’s no real reason to build your PC. You don’t need to take that risk and you could always run your games on a budget machine if money is the issue. If you want to play small online casino games, for instance, then you could get away with a generic PC. You could even get a PC with an integrated graphics chip and save thousands on a graphics card. If that’s what you’re into, we also suggest you check out the following site for special deals so you can drive your costs even lower:

Custom PCs are Harder to Sell

You should also know that pre-built PCs tend to keep more residual value over time and are much easier to sell. So, if you want to be able to turn your custom PC in so you can save on the next one, you will either have to wait a bit longer or take it apart and sell the parts.

It can be difficult to tell whether building a gaming PC or buying one is the best option since everyone is different. Before you make your decision, know how much risk is involved in building a PC and if the difference in price and customisability is really worth it.