Is Gamban Safe?

Is Gamban Safe?

Gamban is a blocker for gambling. It can be installed on any device including iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac operating systems and after that, all gambling sites will become unavailable for you. 

You can choose a self-exclusion period that will last between 6 months and up to 5 years. You won’t be able to gamble at Gamban sites during that period of time. This is a voluntary blocker to use and it works well without any complications. Don’t forget that Gamban isn’t free to use. They offer monthly and yearly subscriptions. 

Can You Trust Gamban?

In the lack of a better word, yes, Gamban is completely safe and can be used by all gamblers. There are no safety issues. They do need the personal information but all of that data will be encrypted and it won’t be shared with third parties. Basically, the platform will use that data to limit your access to sports, casinos, and all other gambling sites and nothing more. There is no need to be concerned in any way. Be free to use Gamban and don’t worry about any complications.

Keep in mind if you use Gamban but you still want to gamble, you will need to look for casinos not on GamBan. These are online casinos without a UKGC license and the ones that come with better bonuses, additional perks and they do accept credit cards as a payment method. All UKGC sites that are also on Gamban do not accept credit cards. 

We must add that these sites can be reputable as well. They still have a gambling license which means that all the games are tested on a regular basis, bonuses, and cheek and customer support is available. Most casinos of this kind have Curacao eGaming license which is common and very popular. For lack of a better word, you will be unable to tell the difference between this casino and the UK one! These sites are also more versatile. They don’t have to meet thousands of regulations set by the UKGC so we can see additional games, offers, perks, and more freedom when gambling. 

Gamban is a very effective blocker. It will limit your access to gambling sites completely. All sport book sites, casinos, and all other sites that are related to gambling like Slots Charm Casino will be unavailable during the exclusion period. On the other hand, all sites that are not related to gambling will be available to you and you can use them as much as you like. Keep in mind that some trading sites that have a similar base as gambling sites will be unavailable as well. 

This blocker is well-known for using as little personal information as needed. After all, their purpose is to help players and not to share their details or use these for any other purposes. If you are wondering if you should use Gamban, the answer is yes, at least when it comes to safety. Don’t forget that you are unable to remove the ban and you must wait for it to expire or play at alternative gambling sites! 

You can trust Gamban completely. They are helpful and perfect for gamblers with addiction. They have been used by many players with gambling issues and proved to be very successful. On the other hand, there were no trust or personal data issues.  

Gamban has been with us for a few years and it is a very popular blocking system of this kind. It is very appealing when it comes to success rate, simplicity, and overall outcome. It is a platform designed for gamblers with a gambling problem and those who are worried that they may become one in the near future. For all others, it can be a completely irrelevant thing. If you play responsibly, you do not need GamBan. 


Gamban is one of the safest and most effective gambling blockers and can be used by all gamblers suffering from addiction or those who are worried about it. If you are one of them, you can use Gamban and try to keep yourself away from gambling until you sort out your issues. Don’t forget that all sites that are not on Gamban will still be available. As always, enjoy gambling and have fun but don’t forget to play responsibly.