Gamban Vs Gamblock: Comparison 

Gamban Vs Gamblock: Comparison 

Gamban is an easy-to-use, secured and reliable application released in 2015 by GambleAware which upon installing, blocks all gambling contents popping up in the same device. It is a good method for self-exclusion for problem gamblers. It is not a free service as customers have to pay charges for accessing the application. Gamban supports Mac Os, iOS, Windows, and Android devices. 

Gamblock was launched in 2000 with the aim of cutting off access to all online gambling sites and software without having to update the website list every now and then. Gamblock can be accessed on any windows computer and android device. 

Both of these tools are related to self-exclusion or self-banning which is a voluntary process. A person must exclude himself from gambling content in order to avoid addiction or heighten problems that may already exist. There are other applications and schemes catering to this problem too. A person must go through all the information and then choose an ideal application or scheme that would help him overcome gambling addiction. 

Also, while Gamban is a process that imposes forceful restrictions on accessing UKGC registered casino sites, there are numerous highly reputed non Gamban bookmakers that aren’t UKGC jurisdictions and provide excellent service for their customers. These sites operate under offshore licenses such as Malta Gaming Authority, Curacao eGaming Authority, Government of Gibraltar, etc., and are accessible to players worldwide, including UK punters. For example, Agent No Wager is one of the most promising gambling sites, where thousands of players from the UK play numerous games.  In addition to excellent sports sections, these sites offer a variety of game categories including Slots, Table Games, Arcades, VIP Clubs, etc, and always practice Responsible Gambling.

Functions Of Gamblock : 

Gamblock has many functions: 

  • It blocks direct access to any form of online gambling
  • It has been helping the problem and addicted gamblers avoid bankruptcy and unrestricted gambling practices 
  • It does not require constant updates on the changes of lists on the website, thus saves time
  • It is available in both single or multiple license options for personal usage convenience 
  • The software undergoes continuous changes in terms of features, security, and so on. 

Functions Of Gamban : 

  • The software prohibits gamblers from accessing licensed gambling sites in the UK, applications, or other services related to gambling
  • It targets minimizing gambling problems by influencing compulsive gamblers to register voluntarily. Once installed, it cannot be uninstalled from the device again and acts as a shield preventing access to the several casino sites out there.
  • They have forums that advise and support all gamblers with issues. 

Gamban Pros And Cons

There are multiple applications and software that are designed for curbing gambling addiction. Thousands of players are interested in how to get GamBan for free, but it has a monthly subscription. 

The positive aspect of the application is that it is a very powerful program as it blocks out any gambling-related content including news, webpages, and any form of advertisement. It removes all sorts of temptation from the roots so that nothing can trigger an addicted person. 

There are no ways of dodging Gamban. The setup can be used cross-platform wise too where it can have the same setup across other devices that a person might use. 

The most negative aspect of Gamban is the all-powerful tools for detection because it tends to block content that is unrelated to gambling but gets blocked due to certain terms or algorithms used. 

Thus, at times, certain other content gets blocked by the software without even being related to gambling or betting content. 

Gamblock Pros And Cons : 

Before committing to any program, one must study its pros and cons to be clear of what it has to offer. Gamblock has the ability to preempt new sites carrying gambling content even before a person accesses them. Unlike most other software, one does not have to manually put in the websites that might have gambling content. It does the job on its own. 

Another positive feature of Gamblock is that it can segregate genuine websites from fake ones even after the smartness of online casino operators who bypass such restrictions due to the advanced technology used to design them. Nothing can get past it without checking which is highly beneficial for problem gamblers. 

Gamblock is easy to download and is hassle-free. 

The main con of Gamblock is the price that is involved in accessing the application. It is not free to use and involves a certain amount that is charged due to the amazing features and technology the app has to offer. 

Concluding Thoughts

Overall, every addicted gambler needs some form of external help to keep himself in check for a drive on the road of recovery. Gamblock, Gamban aims at doing the same. This powerful software boosts confidence among punters in overcoming addiction. The degree of accuracy among these software tends to differ but one has to choose an application after studying all about it has to offer and the cons as well.  

Keeping gamblers away from gambling websites or any gambling-related content on the device is the most powerful feature of these applications. One must definitely give these a try if he/she feels the need for seclusion from such content in any form.