Improve Patient Satisfaction with Athenahealth EHR's in 2021

Improve Patient Satisfaction with Athenahealth EHR’s in 2021

Patient satisfaction is essential when you a running a medical clinic. So, we at Software Finder have brought you a guide on improving patient satisfaction and which software to use for your medical practices.

Be Accessible at All Times

Patients are frequently disappointed when they are unable to connect directly with their doctor between consultations. Patients will be more satisfied if they can communicate directly with their doctors. Consider sending secure messages and putting in place procedures that allow you and the patient to share; this will not only support long-term relationships but also positively impact one’s health.

Simplify the billing process

Patients satisfied with your practice’s billing procedure are more likely to pay their bills in full, return, and refer their family and friends to you. Therefore, you should teach your personnel to discuss and collect a payment, provide an accurate estimate of the cost, and explain the bill’s components to the patient to provide a seamless experience.

Patient Engagement

Deliver campaign information and notifications to patients at a large scale. For example, patients can use mobile devices to communicate with doctors, examine lab results, get prescription refills, and more. In addition, patients can get automatic appointment reminders and notifications and billing and follow-up services.

Improve Patient Communication

The first step in improving patient communication is to answer the phone with passion and a willingness to answer all of their queries. Even if they don’t know the answer, your personnel should never say no to a patient. When patients arrive for their planned appointments, your front-office employees should greet them with a smile and make eye contact. If the patients appear to be restless, be encouraging and comforting. You may communicate with your employees with Athenahealth EMR Software.

Improve Employee Engagement

Healthcare firms are increasingly recognizing and comprehending the influence of employee engagement on patient satisfaction. According to the Advisory Board Company’s 2015 Employee Engagement Survey, an organization’s overall hospital HCAHPS rating climbed by.33 percent. In addition, patients’ willingness to refer to the hospital increased by.25 percent for every one-percent rise in employee engagement. You can manage your personnel with Athenahealth EMR Software.

Focus on Patient Education

It’s vital to the patient experience to provide your patients with the information they need to enhance their health and live a healthier lifestyle. When your patients leave your clinic with more knowledge than when they arrived, they will feel appreciated and cared for; In addition, patient education has been found to promote patient retention, leading to higher patient satisfaction and long-term partnerships.


Advances in healthcare technology are transforming the patient experience. From interactive technologies that help patients and visitors find their way around and minimize stress to real-time location, service technology optimizes patient flow and cuts wait times. To improve the patient experience, healthcare institutions can employ Athenahealth EMR Software:

  • Staff is alerted in real-time by communication devices and electronic patient feedback systems.
  • Patients are given crucial information regarding their care using interactive education systems.
  • Smart rooms allow patients to customize their surroundings in waiting areas, exam rooms, and during high-stress treatments and procedures.

What is Athenahealth EMR Software?

athenahealth EHR Software is an all-in-one solution that includes cloud-based Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software, Practice Management (PM) software, Patient Portal, interoperability, and comprehensive medical billing service. It is the best value for money proposition available to healthcare providers today.

Nephrology, Urology, Family Medicine, Cardiology, and Pediatrics are just a handful of the specialties supported by athenahealth Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software. Athenahealth EMR presently has over 160,000 providers in its network. The software also has an integrated Practice Management (PM) module, making administrative and medical billing tasks in a medical practice easier. In addition, the EMR solution includes features such as e-Prescribing (e-Rx) and built-in specialty clinical material.

Advantages of Athenahealth EMR Software

Focus on Patients: By automating busy-work chores, you may improve clinician and staff morale while freeing up more time for patient-centric care.

Online Scheduling: Allowing patients to arrange appointments online is a great way to save time. Configure functionality to match practice needs, improve patient happiness, and reduce front-desk scheduling responsibilities.

Healthcare Regulations: Keep track of changes to great federal programs automatically so that business owners don’t have to. Adapt to new healthcare regulations such as MACRA and MIPS.

Billing/Claims Management: Scrubbing insurance claims to find problems before first-pass resolution rates by the software can improve submission.

Adaptability: Cloud-based deployment enables for real-time updates, keeping doctors up to date on industry and regulatory changes. Telehealth technology allows you to provide remote treatment in an increasingly digital world.

Critical Features for Patient Satisfaction

Connected Health Network: Physicians can provide better treatment by integrating data and insights from over 160,000 providers and 100 million patients. Users can share information with over a quarter-million care providers, including specialists, urgent care centers, labs, pharmacies, and more.

Patient Engagement: Appointment scheduling allows you to maximize the number of patients you see each day. With automatic reminders and online patient check-in, you can reduce no-shows while also enhancing patient satisfaction.

Patient Portal: Patients can use mobile devices to check medical histories, sign paperwork, pay bills, manage appointments, and more. Patients can communicate with doctors via text messages, notes, or even video calls.

Medical Authorization Management: Outsource the research and communication with payers for medical authorizations. You can view authorization statuses directly from clinical workflows in the app.

Care Coordination: Access and exchange data, track orders, deliver findings, and more with Care Coordination. Safeguard sensitive data and communicate data in real-time.

What have people said about it?

One user said,” Because computer programmers created the Athena EMR software rather than healthcare professionals or physicians, expectations must be reasonable. Most EHR systems that I’ve seen perform a better job than athenahealth EHR software”. Another said, “We’ve uploaded data to the system and can now put it into action. It is simple to do an electronic check through it. Our account manager is fantastic and always provides us what we need to get through the day”.