How Age Difference and Social Inequalities Affect Relationships in a Gay Couple

How Age Difference and Social Inequalities Affect Relationships in a Gay Couple

Dating is not equal for everyone. The inequality in the dating world becomes more pronounced when you add in the difficulties stemming from being a gay man. An examination of the social and age-based problems in dating will enlighten you to the massive problems facing gay men as well as what they can do to combat them.

Gay Men Find Dates Differently

When most people imagine finding a date, they envision a random encounter that leads to a conversation and later—a date. Gay men don’t have the benefit of being so open about their sexuality, and especially this concerns those cases when a man is seeking something pretty unusual, like sugar daddy-baby relationships, for example. Instead of trusting that the people in their lives will accept them for who they are, these men trying to find a gay sugar daddy are far more likely to use a dating service. Using the internet, gay men have an easier time finding compatible partners, and they’re less likely to get negative outcomes. There is no shortage of stories about gay men who found themselves the victims of violence after people have found out about their sexuality. Thus, gay men tend to be a lot more reserved with their dating efforts because they want to be safer and have an easier time finding romantic partners and fulfilling their desires. So if a gay person is looking for a sugar daddy nowadays, they just log in to a dedicated dating site and choose a partner in a safe environment. Gay guys also look online so that they can look for matches from a specific age group, something that is typically frowned upon as well as being a phenomenon worth examining on its own!

Age Differences Are What You Make of Them

Another major form of inequality that exists with gay men is the difference in age. Many people have problems with age differences between any type of people, gay or straight. However, the dislike of gay couples with an age difference comes with an extra slant of homophobia. Some guys do want a sugar daddy who is older than them, but that should not be frowned upon by other people. It’s a personal choice between two consenting adults, but people dislike gay men having that sort of interaction with one another. They feel there is an implied quid pro quo rather than a real relationship occurring. Whether someone wants a trophy boyfriend or an individual who simply gets along better with old souls, gay men should feel empowered to have a relationship with an age difference.

Making More Money—Can It Ruin a Relationship?

Another challenge that is especially pronounced for gay men is money. Particularly, the impact that a difference in earning has upon a relationship. Like other couples, gay men who are dating are not particularly fond of having a large gap in their earnings outside of the sugar daddy situation. Part of the problem stems from their masculinity and the threat posed by having a better earner provide for them. Put simply, neither gay men nor straight men appreciate being with someone who earns significantly more or less money than them. The short answer to the larger question is yes: making more money than a date or spouse can result in a relationship falling apart because of the large divisions between people of different income levels. Again, dating sites help gay men sidestep this problem by giving users a trial period in which they can ask questions about their partner’s lifestyle before getting too involved.

Romance is a complex topic, and it becomes more difficult when you add being gay into the equation. Gay men face significant challenges in their romantic lives, but they can use dating services to find partners, avoid violence, and meet someone who matches their lifestyle.