Bustos and Loebsack Will Vote "Yes"
Bustos and Loebsack Will Vote "Yes"

Impeachment Day: Notable Faces Who are Voting Yes

Impeachment day, wondering who is backing the Yes vote, Bustos and Loebsack have publicly declared a “Yes” vote is assured.

The two Congress members from the Quad Cities have elected to vote “yes” to the impeachment papers. Tuesday, Dave Loebsack, who serves the Second District of Iowa, and Cheri Bustos of the 17th of Illinois, revealed how they will vote on Wednesday when it is anticipated that the House will vote formally.

Bustos and Loebsack Will Vote "Yes"
Bustos and Loebsack Will Vote “Yes”

In a speech, Bustos says, “I will solemnly cast my vote in favor of both articles of impeachment for consideration by the Senate, both with a deep sense of constitutional duty and deep respect for the Office of the Presidency. No one is above the rules, and beyond sufficient evidence, President Trump has exploited the presidency’s immense powers to undermine our national security and that of our allies.

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And from Loebsack, “I just think it’s unfortunate that we’re even in this role, but in our government system there’s no one above the rule, including the President. In the future, we don’t have to enable this President’s actions to set an example for potential office holders that will further erode our democracy.