How to Visit Costa Rica the Right Way

1.7 million people visit Costa Rica each year, and the number continues to grow. Are you wondering what the best time to visit Costa Rica is so that you can begin planning your next vacation?

If so, below, you’re going to find a brief guide that makes visiting Costa Rica easy to do. Continue reading because you’re not going to want to miss a single thing that we’re going to share with you.

Pick a Date

Before you can book your accommodations and decide where you’re going to say, the first thing you need to do is decide when you’ll visit Costa Rica. Much like other places globally, depending on the month that you visit the area, there will be different things to do.

For example, in January, several festivals like the Fiestas de Palmares that visitors can partake in. Whereas, in March there’s Box Car Day, but the cost to travel there during this month is much higher because it’s apart pf peak season.

We also recommend that you visit Costa Rica for more than one day to ensure that you get the full experience. Remember that visiting during the dry seasons is going to mean a higher price.

Book a Rental Car

If you want to make the most of sightseeing while you’re in Costa Rica, it’s best if you rent a car. This gives you increased freedom to go and do as you please without having to walk or wait for a driver to pick you up.

We recommend checking the prices of car rentals and comparing them before booking to ensure that you’re getting the best rate possible.

Choose Your Flight

As we’ve mentioned visiting Costa Rica isn’t going to be cheap; therefore, you want to take your time booking flights and other things to ensure you’re saving money where you can. Take time to consider the length of the flight you need to take and how many stops you’ll encounter.

If you’ve got points or know someone with points, it could help make your flight cheaper.

Where to Stay?

Instead of finding a hotel that doesn’t have everything you want, consider staying at an all-inclusive villa. This means that you’ll have access to restaurants and varying activities without having to leave your villa.

If you’re looking for a Costa Rica villa rentals with chef look no further than the link we’ve provided.

Things to Do

There are tons of things to do in Costa Rica that we know you’re going to enjoy. If you want to take in the views differently, try ziplining over the lush forests in the area.

We recommend ziplining in La Fortuna for the complete experience. If you’re someone that loves being in the water and seeing wildlife up close, you’ve got to go snorkeling or scuba diving.

There are some tourist spots in the area where you can pay for a guide that will take you scuba diving in the best marine areas.

Best Time to Visit Costa Rica

Thinking about when the best time to visit Costa Rica isn’t the only thing you’ve got to think about. You’ve got to consider where to stay and the things to do while you’re visiting.

We hope you’re ready for a trip of a lifetime and recommend that you check out some of the other posts in this section.

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