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Everything You Need For Your Next Camping Road Trip

The great thing about a camping road trip is that you can carry a whole lot more with you, as you are not limited to a backpack. But that doesn’t mean that you should stuff your car to the gills and take a bunch of non-essential items with you.

That’s why we have prepared this guide for you that will tell you exactly what road trip gear need to pack when going camping next.

1. Sleeping Bag

Even if you are thinking about sleeping in your car to avoid the mosquitos, you will need a sleeping bag so you can stay warm and cozy at night. If you are thinking of camping in a tent, then a sleeping bag will help you sleep at night when the temperatures drop rapidly.

2. Headlamp

Have you ever gone to the toilet in the middle of the night while camping? Without a headlamp, you are going to be fumbling about with a torch or worse your phone, and that’s not ideal. What if you end up dropping your phone into the compost toilet? Don’t even think about it. A headlamp is cheap and worth the little space it takes up.

3. Toilet Paper

Bring your own toilet paper! You have no idea whether your campsite will provide it or not, and also, you don’t know what the quality of that toilet paper might be.

4. Swiss Army Knife

You already know how useful a swiss army knife can be when on a camping trip. And there are many different kinds that you can choose from, depending on what your specific needs are.

5. Hammock

Take advantage of the trees around you when camping by hammocking it up. Let the gentle breeze swing you into a restful sleep or help you forget about the stresses of your daily life.

6. Rope Line

A rope line is essential for when you would want to tie things together or for hanging up wet clothes. Don’t leave home without this essential camping gear.

7. Camp Towel

You will probably end up using your camp towel a lot more than you imagined, as you go in and out of the lake or river nearby or take a shower. Ensure that it’s an absorbent one. Even better if it’s anti-bacterial.

8. Cooking Utensils

You are probably going to want to cook hot meals when you are camping, otherwise, it won’t really feel like you are living in the great outdoors. Bring all the appropriate cooking utensils with you and get your inner camping chef going.

9. Dual Battery

Maybe you are the kind of person who can do without all the luxuries when camping. But many people would consider a dual battery to be essential road trip gear, as they need to connect their portable fridge, lights, and various other equipment to it. Not only that, how are you going to charge your phone if you don’t have a dual battery to work with?

Make Your Next Road Trip an Epic One

Once you have all the road trip essentials packed up and ready to go, you will absolutely know that your camping trip is going to be out of this world. Nothing will compare with it and you won’t want to go back to the days where you took less with you, especially when you have a party bus Riverside with your friends.

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