How to Use a Bong Correctly: The Complete Guide

How to Use a Bong Correctly: The Complete Guide

It seems like every couple of years more states are legalizing recreational marijuana.

At this point, there are 15 states that allow adults to use cannabis, which means that many adults are experimenting with smoking weed for the first time.

Whether you are new to weed-smoking or you simply just haven’t smoked a bong before, learning how to use a bong can ensure that you are prepared for whatever comes your way in your smoking life. Let take a look at the steps to using a bong.

What Is a Bong?

A bong is a height smoke cannabis that incorporates water in order to cool and filter the smoke. Smoking a bong produces a particularly clean-tasting and smooth smoking experience that might even be a healthier way to smoke.

If you are looking for types of bongs that are more durable, you’ll want to look into getting a silicone bong.

What You Need When Using a Bong

Before we move on to the steps to using a bong, you’ll need to gather supplies. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Your preferred cannabis strain
  • A bong with a bowl and a down-stem
  • A hemp wick or lighter
  • A grinder
  • Water
  • Bong cleaning supplies: cleaning solution, plus that fit inside your bongs holes, and zipper-top plastic bags

Now that you’ve gathered your supplies, you’re all set to get started!

Smoking a Bong Instructions: How to Use a Bong

If you have only been smoking joints, bowls, or one-hitters, you might be thinking it’s time for you to expand your repertoire. A staple of marijuana culture, knowing how to use a bong is vital if you are looking to experience and enjoy all of the different marijuana consumption methods.

Prep Your Bong

Before you get started, you want to take a look at your bong and make sure that you have everything you need. Check to make sure that your bowl is clear of ash, that it slides smoothly, and insert the downstem.

The next step is to pour water right into the water chamber. On many bongs, you’ll pour the water through the mouthpiece, which is the opening you see at the top of the bong. You’ll want to fill the chamber with enough water that be bottom of the downstem is completely submerged in water.

If you’re using any extra parts like an ice catch, you’ll want to take a moment and make sure everything is in its right place.

Grind Your Cannabis

You can tear up cannabis with your fingers or a sharp pair of scissors, but the best way to do this is to use a grinder. A grinder will help you get the smallest, most uniform size and shape.

Pack the Bowl

After you have ground up your cannabis, you can pick up a pinch of weed with your fingertips. Place this cannabis right into the bowl. You’ll next want to tamp the weed down, which you can do with a tamping tool, the flat end of a lighter, or your finger.

You will get the hang of this eventually, but it’s important to not pack the bowl too tightly. Otherwise, it might be very difficult if not nearly impossible to pull smoke.

After you have filled the bowl to the top, you can slide the bowl back into the downstem.

Light the Cannabis

Finally, the time has come. You’ve done all of the necessary preparation and you can now reap your reward.

Using either a hemp wick or a lighter, you’ll want to light the bowl in one corner. Put your mouth to the mouthpiece as you do this. At the same time, you can start pulling with your lungs.

When you are pulling with your lungs, do so in a smooth and steady fashion. Don’t be too aggressive when you are dragging.

As you are pulling in with your lungs, you will start to see smoke traveling through the down stem from the bowl. At this point, the smoke will start to make the water bubble as it passes through.

Clear the Chamber

Now that you have filled the chamber with smoke, it’s time to take your hit. To do so, you’ll slide the bowl out of the downtown in order to clear the chamber. While you are doing this, keep breathing in with your lungs.

Taking the bowl out of the downstem allows air to flow through the bong. This is what pushes the smoke right into your lungs after traveling up the mouthpiece.

Clean Your Bong

After you’ve had your fun, you want to make sure that you clean your bong. They can become smelly, dirty, and filled with resin quite quickly. In order to treat your bong well, you’ll want to clean it after every smoke session.

To clean your bong, you’ll want to empty the bowl so that there’s no longer any ash in it. Take the bowl off and put it in a plastic bag with a zipper-tip. In the bag, put rubbing alcohol and some coarse salt, shake the bag gently, and let it soak.

Now you can take the bowl out of the bag and rinse it with water.

You’ll do the same thing with the downstem. You can reuse the same solution if it isn’t terribly dirty or your can start over fresh.

Finally, pour out all the water from the chamber on the bong. You can then pour coarse salt and rubbing alcohol right in. Give your bong a good shake and maybe let it soak for a minute before dumping it out and rinsing it with water.

With Some Practice, These Steps to Using a Bong Will Become Second Nature

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