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Cannabis Botany: Why Botanical Concepts are Important to Cultivation

A lot of people get the idea to grow cannabis, thinking it should be relatively easy. However, many people spend countless years cultivating their botany skills and techniques.

There’s a certain knowledge bank required to grow quality cannabis. You need to know a little bit about cannabis botany and botany in general to grow a quality strain.

We’re going to talk about some botanical concepts today, giving you a little insight into what it takes to grow cannabis.

Cannabis Botany for Growers

It’s easy to set cannabis aside as if it were its own category. We don’t associate cannabis with plants like lilies or crops of corn, but they are alike in a number of ways.

Cannabis grows just as any other plant grows, and requires the attention to detail that you would give any of your other crops or plants. In some cases, you might need to invest even more time in understanding botanical concepts to achieve what you’re looking for with cannabis.

You have to know what kind of climate the plant experiences in its native region. That requires fleshing out a watering schedule, examining soil nutrients, adjusting for heat and humidity, and recognizing when the optimal time for harvest is.

Depending on the strain of cannabis you’re growing, all of those factors could be a little bit different.

Marijuana Botany

Further, the cultivation of marijuana typically involves some specifications. You’re looking to produce a specific kind of flower that will yield particular results.

It’s one thing to grow the plant and be happy with whatever the flower yields, but it’s another thing to try and produce a crop that’s rich in THC or contains particular flavor notes.

Growing cannabis in the same soil as other fruit or flower-bearing plants might help you to produce a certain flavor in the bud that you smoke. You might also try to grow a hemp plant that offers a great CBD flower without THC.

When you break things down in this way, it becomes clear that a fundamental understanding of botany is crucial if you want to grow something of high quality. Small mistakes in the climate or watering schedule can lead to big problems down the line.

So, if you’re looking to grow, keep a couple of things in mind.

First, note that you have to invest in some equipment that can control climate. You also have to take a particular interest in the kind of soil you’re using and the additional nutrients you add to that soil.

Then, do some research on the strain of cannabis you’re trying to grow. There will be subsets of information that tell you what that strain needs to come to fruition.

If you can follow those rules, though, it shouldn’t be a problem to wind up with a great harvest!

Want to Learn More about Cannabis Cultivation?

There’s a lot to learn when it comes to growing cannabis. We’re here to help you with more cannabis botany insight to help your project work out as best it can.

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