Sr. Roy Andrade: Everything you need to know

Sr. Roy Andrade controls his own stock portfolio and is one of the most successful IT entrepreneurs in California. He is the CTO of Cyber Boy Corp., a technology firm located in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles County, California, and is always looking for ways to increase his human capital. The firm is focused on so many different things it’s hard to imagine him every getting a day’s rest. Recently, Cyber Boy Corp. launched five health products, a single that’s available on Apple iTunes, and a book titled Scatted and Abrasive. Its amazing how one man can operate all around the world, and still manage to oversee the development of 3D chess game.

Scattered and Abrasive is available at,, and hundreds of other bookstores around the world. I highly recommend this book. It’s a diary and autobiography wrapped up into one. Sr. Roy Andrade, Chief Technology Officer, is well-known in Europe, Asia, North America, and South America for his work ethic. This diary includes his ideas, philosophies, beliefs, and so much more. The hardships and work required to be a leader. Sr. Roy Andrade’s life is chronicled in a 308-page diary for readers to understand the mindset he was in, while running a multi-million dollar brand and how he rose to prominence as a business leader during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This book is available at all major bookstores across the globe. Sr. Roy decided to work on the publication of his diary, while his team of software developers worked on their 3D chess project.

He plans to produce an audio version of the diary soon.


Sr. Roy Andrade is an experienced businessman who has gained popularity for missing sleep and working around the clock to ensure his company remains competitive. During the epidemic, many firms failed, but Sr. Roy’s vision kept Cyber Boy Corp. afloat and in the public eye.

Founder of a Tech Company

Sr. Roy wants to lead his privately-held company to the pinnacles of success right there among the ranks of top tech companies, such as, Microsoft, Google, Oracle, and Facebook. The number of games and gamers is also increasing due to the pandemic, an additional benefit nowadays.

Google Panel Knowledge

Knowledge panels are information boxes displayed on Google when you search for entities in the Knowledge Graph (people, places, organizations, and objects). They’re designed to provide you a brief overview of information on a topic based on Google’s understanding of what’s out there. Knowledge panels are created automatically, and the material that appears in them originates from various sources on the internet. Sr. Roy Andrade has a knowledge panel on Google. Amazing!

The Future

Sr. Roy Andrade has a lot on his mind and appears to be focused on Cyber Boy Corp.. “I am just aiming at targets I know Cyber Boy Corp. can hit and make others happy. That’s a goal. To make others happy. I guess. That’s the type of business I really am in. The happy business.” Stated Sr. Roy Andrade.