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How to Prepare for Divorce Mediation

Is attending a divorce mediation on your to-do list?

Divorce has become a real alternative for people in our day and age as people make more money and feel they deserve to find what they need to be happy.

Some divorces end amicably, and others not so much. But in either case, if you have built or come to own certain things while in the marriage, someone has to come into sole ownership. This only happens through mediation.

But if you’re not prepared you could lose everything. Here is a guide on how to prepare for divorce mediation and a simple checklist to prepare for divorce mediation. This will help you hold on to some of your assets even if you can’t hold on to your marriage.

Find a Capable Mediator

For the first step in preparing for divorce mediation, it’s recommended that you have a mediator and a capable one at that.

This lawyer should be knowledgeable about what’s permissible and what isn’t under the local laws as well as fight on your behalf to have a favorable resolution on your end.

Normally, all parties involved should have a mediator to represent them. If you want to find a capable mediator, your best bet is to start with family law specialists as they are versed in mediation and civil proceedings.

Create a Strategy for the Mediation

If you have found a capable mediator, they will advise you to create a cohesive mediation strategy. This should include several things:

  • An understanding of what the issues are
  • Ahat the sensitive topics are so they can be avoided if possible
  • What your red lines are and what cannot be negotiated
  • The things that are negotiable with the other parties involved

This will give you an effective game plan going into the mediation and will make your time effectively utilized. After all, mediators are paid by the hour. So the excess time used will cost you more in legal fees.

Create Records of Assets and Liabilities

The entire point of mediation is to settle disputes with assets and to come to an agreement of dividing them between the relevant parties. This process can often get ugly and messy, but it’s important to have document preparation for divorce mediation.

To clean it up a little bit, you and your mediator can create a record of assets and liabilities, as well as any outstanding debts that can be divided as well.

This puts everything on the table and saves time (and money) having to go back and research everything, especially if you submit it to the other parties before the actual mediation.

Know How to Prepare for Divorce Mediation

Divorce can indeed be difficult, but that shouldn’t stop you from learning how to prepare for divorce mediation, because amid the hurt, at least you might be able to reach some closure on some of the things you both have together.

The best way to prepare for mediation might just be to stay together, but if that’s not possible don’t get caught slipping. Make sure you are prepared for your mediation by following these tips.

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