Best ways to boost up your Avios Score

Best ways to boost up your Avios Score

If you’re old with the Avios thing and redeeming them for a long time, then it’s no surprise that you are in love with them too, and you would probably be looking for hacks and tricks to boost up your Avios.

Every person who has experienced the importance and perks of Avios is always wanting to earn more of them. However, earning Avios is not that simple. It can take years for people to collect Avios, and still in the end it’s just a few of them.

Avios are great bonus points for sure, you can go shopping with the book hotels, flights, and whatnot. So there must be a way to earn them fast and quick.

Well, we’ve got good news for you. Some useful tricks can boost up your Avios in a short period of time. So let’s have a look at them. First thing comes first, here’s a complete list of the best avios credit cards by You must choose the best fit your needs and spending pattern before you jump to start earning points.

Did you know about Avios Suitcase

There is an app available on the internet known as Avios Suitcase which can help you earn 100 Avios in one go. All you have to do is to install this app and start completing the simple tasks appointed by them and you’ll have more Avios points in your account.

Book Hotels on Rocketmiles

By booking hotels on Rocketmiles, you can get some bonus reward points in return which you can also convert into Avios.

Dine out at Certain Restaurants

Though not all restaurants offer this facility, yet there are some BA restaurants that can help you earn Avios by dining in them. These include Domino’s Pizza Hut, Papa Johns, Hotel Chocolate, Just Eat, Fortnum and Mason.

Shop Online, but only from Avios Supporting Retailers

Just like BA Restaurants, you can also earn Avios points by shopping online

on BA retailers. Let’s have a look at some:  Uniqlo, Debenhams, iTunes, Ann Summers, Currys PC World, Argos, Apple, B&Q, and many more.

Travel via Heathrow Express

Booking your train travel via Heathrow Express can also earn you Avios points. Heathrow earns you 10 Avios points per pound spent.

Convert your AMEX to AVIOS

Have you got few American Express Reward Points in your account? Well, good news for you, you can now convert your Amex points easily to Avios.

Try Out Avios Survey

Can you imagine that even conducting short surveys can earn you a good number of Avios? There are many Avios Survey-related sites such as e-Rewards that pay you opinion points which you can convert into Avios. All you have to do is to conduct short surveys or give your opinions and voila, your Avios account will blossom.

But beware, many scammers are doing the same job too, so make sure you don’t cross paths with one and always conduct these surveys with a fake or extra email.

Convert your Hotel Reward Points to AVIOS

If you’ve just earned some reward points for hotel booking and don’t know what to do with them, then wait no more and convert those points to Avios.