How to Plan a First Post-Divorce Family Vacation with Your Kids

How to Plan a First Post-Divorce Family Vacation with Your Kids

About 40-50% of marriages within the American nation call it to end their relationship by having a divorce, and therefore the rate for consequent marriages is even higher. The method of divorcing is difficult and takes a toll on everybody. From separating physical and private property to the custody of youngsters and pets, there are such a big amount of challenges to figure through throughout a divorce. Once kids are concerned, payment time along with your kiddos may even be preset. If you’re designing your initial post-divorce family vacation, it’s necessary to stay in mind the subsequent tips before booking something. Let’s talk about some things you need to keep in mind before traveling.

Tips: On Planning Your First Post-Divorce Family Vacation

Be Aware of what your children are going through

It can create a lot of mess when you and your ex both want to take your kids on vacations separately. You need to bear in mind that your children are also facing the post-divorce period and it is as difficult for them as it is for you. They may don’t show up but in reality, they are going through emotional traumas and tough times. For keeping things on track during the vacation, you should take care of some necessary things before planning a vacation.

Firstly, the most important thing you need to consider is to choose the right destination. The main motive behind planning this vacation is to remind the children that even after divorce, we are still a happy and good family. It will be a clear sign to your kids that divorce can’t affect the relationship of the parents to their kids. That’s why the location of vacation matters. Going to the destination where you and your family are gone before is a great idea to remind the previous things but going to the new destination can also help you while treating your children. Sometimes reminding the old things can hurt. After divorce, the chancing of emotional trauma raises. Reminding the children that we used to come here is not a good idea. Internet is a great source of help if you want to find the right destination. You can also ask your children about it. Let them decide their vacation location.

Safety of your children should be your priority:

No matter if you are divorced or not, a family-friendly hotel is important for the safety of your children. However, you are a single parent now and going on a vacation alone with your children, you should be more concerned about the safety of your children. Keeping an eagle eye on every activity of each child should be your primary objective. You may find some difficulties while a good and child-friendly hotel for your kids.

After choosing the right destination, your next important step should be finding the right accommodation for your children. Of course, it’s not easy for anyone to carry a portable bed with them while traveling especially when are traveling alone. The things you need to keep in mind before deciding the right accommodation includes:

  • A room that is child-proofed.
  • The beds with the railing guards so that your children don’t fall while sleeping.
  • Other friendly amenities like high chairs, and strollers.

Your ex spouse can make a huge drama if anything happens to your children, even high court also don’t appreciate such things and file cases against you. So make sure that your kids are safe.

Talk about your plan with your ex before leaving the town:

Planning a trip with your children for refreshing your post-divorce period is a great idea but there are many problems at the airport or with the authorities that can ruin your whole vacation. You avoid those problems; you better talk with your ex-spouse about your plan and tell him each and everything about the trip from the start. The best solution is to obtain a written agreement with your spouse that includes all the necessary things. Tell him that how long you are going to stay, where you are going, at which hotel you are going to stay, and what are places you have planned to visit.

Keep in mind the same situation can come to you when your ex wants to go for a vacation with your children. Besides the vacation, there are many occasions in which you have to take help from your ex for the good of your children. That’s why you need to sort out things friendly. Better not involve the court in this matter. Assure your ex-spouse that their children are safe with you and you are going to return very soon. Also, tell them that you will return the favor whenever they want to go anywhere.

Final words:

Vacation is a refreshing thing no matter where you going but remember that you can’t simply pack your bag, grab your passport and run to the airport after divorce. Many things and procedures change after divorce. Informing the other parent of your child is mandatory. If you don’t inform him, he can file the case against the crime of kidnapping their children.  To avoid ruining the whole trip, it’s important for you to sort out things in advance.

Divorce is tough for everyone and can even be traumatic and stressful not only for you but also for your children. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t go on a family vacation. Long or short, vacation is important for moving one. You must consult with your ex-spouse before traveling. Don’t forget to book child-friendly accommodation. Contacting a team of professional travel agencies is also a good idea.

COVID has also opened many questions regarding traveling. The proper precautions are very necessary. Make sure to go through the COVID position of the place you are going to visit. Have proper medical checkups of yours and your children before traveling. Also, take advice from your doctor whether traveling is good for you or not.