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6 Signs You Might Be Experiencing Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

In America, about 13% of people aged 12 and older experience hearing loss. These conditions can be due to aging, injury, and even medication.

One common cause of hearing loss is noise induced hearing loss.

Do you want to know the signs that you might have noise induced hearing loss? Here are six signs that show you might experience them.

1. Pressure in the Ear

Over 5% of the world’s population may need hearing rehabilitation. These conditions may be because of unsafe listening practices. It includes daily exposure to high noise levels that causes noise induced hearing loss.

Symptoms of hearing loss include feelings of pressure or fullness in the ears. It usually comes with the feeling of discomfort and stuffiness.

2. Muffled or Distorted Sounds

People with noise induced hearing loss may hear muffled or distorted sounds. The muffled hearing may sound like you have cotton balls in your ears.

Muffled hearing happens when sound waves have trouble passing through the inner ears. Loud noises may cause mild or severe damage to the auditory nerves. These symptoms may occur after one-time or repeated exposure to loud noise.

3. Ringing Sound

A person exposed to loud noises may experience a ringing sound called tinnitus. The noise from this condition may vary in pitch. It can be a low buzzing sound or a high-pitched squeal.

Tinnitus is one of the signs you might be experiencing noise induced hearing loss. The buzzing or ringing sound may be present in both ears. This symptom can be occasional and may subside over time.

4. Exposure to High Noise Levels

Constant exposure to loud noises affects hearing. The damage from these noises may be gradual. Some people might not notice the signs because of continuous exposure to loud noises.

Sounds in our everyday environment are usually safe. It includes noises from the TV, traffic, or even conversations with people. But, those who have jobs in noisy environments may be more vulnerable to hearing loss.

5. Temporary Noise Hearing Loss

Temporary hearing loss that lasts for 16 to 48 hours is a symptom of noise induced hearing loss. These symptoms usually occur after exposure to an impulse or continuous loud noises. These situations can cause long-term damage if not addressed early.

A person with these types of hearing loss may also have trouble hearing other people. It usually happens when they are in a noisy place. They may also have trouble hearing or understanding speech over the phone.

6. Diagnosis

A visit to the doctor can help diagnose noise induced hearing loss. They will refer you to an audiologist for a more extensive hearing test. They will identify which frequencies you have a hearing loss.

Visiting a Hearing test centre can help you take care of your ears. They can help you choose specific ear protection for your needs.

Check Now if You Have Noise Induced Hearing Loss

These are six signs you might be experiencing noise induced hearing loss. Look out for these signs for early prevention and detection. Remember to consult a specialist to get a hearing evaluation.

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