incorporate a mirror
incorporate a mirror

How to incorporate a mirror into your bedroom

Do you have a mirror in your bedroom? You might be surprised to learn that many people do not have mirrors in their bedrooms. In fact, in some households, the only mirror you will see is in the bathroom for use in getting ready for the day. Young ladies may also want a vanity with a mirror and a cheap mirror to mount to the door, but you don’t necessarily have to worry about stability and quality for those purposes.

Having a mirror in your bedroom can be more important than you might think. You can use your mirror for more than just checking your reflection before going to work. You can use mirrors for self-affirmations to start your day. You can use it to rehearse or memorize a speech. And everyone has those occasions, no matter how rare, when appearance and fit mean everything.

Finding a place for the bedroom mirror is another issue entirely. Men often don’t want to let women know how much they prep, and as such, they may be uncomfortable with having a mirror in the bedroom. If you don’t really like to have mirrors around, getting one that hangs on the back of your closet door or on the wall is the easiest option.

But if you have the space, there are a lot of different types of mirrors for the bedroom. A mirror in bedroom can be chosen from a large selection of mirrors of every type and style imaginable.

There are also more options for bedroom mirrors than you might realize. Once you get browsing online you’ll start getting all types of ideas for your bedroom’s interior design. Here are just a few of the most popular trends:

Full-length mirror jewelry armoire

A traditional-style bedroom is marked by heavily carved, polished hardwoods. Modern luxury bedrooms are decorated in a similar way but with a glam rather than wood finish. In either case, a jewelry armoire is a perfect way to add a mirror that was made to match your bedroom furniture set. The stately mirror, which usually stands at least 6 feet in height, will have a frame that appears solid. In reality, the sides of the frame open in some fashion revealing organized jewelry storage within.

Dresser mirrors

Just because your dresser didn’t come with a mirror, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a dresser mirror. If you’re not sure whether or not your dresser is sturdy enough to be able to bear the weight of the mirror, you should instead buy a new dresser that comes with the matching mirror or make it available as an optional add-on to the bedroom furniture suite.

Dresser mirrors should be mounted to both the dresser and the wall. This should be done to prevent tilting that could result in injury.

Plain free standing mirrors

A simple, freestanding mirror that can tilt on its base is the most common type of bedroom mirror. It also offers the most value. While you can get mirrors that cost only a few dollars, these cheap options will need to be replaced frequently enough to make it more cost-effective to get the better mirror in the first place. Yet many of these freestanding mirrors are still very affordable.