A Guide To Different Size Of Sofas

A Guide To Different Size Of Sofas

Choosing furniture can be really difficult, especially if you don’t know much about this genre. Sofas are what attracts the attention of most people when they walk into a room. You will be surprised to know how many different kinds of sofas are out there from modern sofas to traditional ones and much more. If you are looking to buy a new sofa for your next big renovation and don’t know much about them then, you should keep reading. Here’s a comprehensive guide to different types of sofas.

Different sofa sizes

The first aspect where sofas differ from each other is their size. The size is what you should figure out at first because, based on your room’s dimensions, sofas can fill up a lot of space and could harm your aesthetics. Although sizes could differ on the basis of sofa brands. There are 3 types of sizes that sofas come in which you can choose according to your need and liking:

1. Traditional sofas

Traditional sofas are what you find in most households. They are not very big or too small. Traditional sofas are mostly about 6 to 8 feet wide with around 36 inches of height and 38 inches of depth.

There are a few things that you should keep in mind when placing the sofa in your room. There should be 36 inches of space around your sofa so it doesn’t feel cramped. You can choose a coffee table of around the same height as the sofa seat and place it in front of the sofa with about 14 to 18 inches of space between them. If you look at any sofa buying guide, you will find out that space is the most crucial when it comes to sofas.

2. Petite sofas

Petite sofas are almost the same as traditional sofas with some differences that will help you save space. They are similar to traditional sofas when it comes to width and height. However, the depth of these sofas allows them to fit much smaller spaces.

You can think of 2 factors to make sure if you are gonna need one or not. First is if people sitting on your sofa can’t place their feet on the ground and second is the size of the room. If either of them favors the small and compact petite sofas, then you should go for them.

3. Grande sofas

Now these sofas, as the name might suggest, are the biggest ones in the category. They are around 90-110 inches long. Grande sofas allow up to four or even five people to comfortably sit on them.

These sofas add a great look to relatively large rooms and are advised if you need a sofa for your whole family. If you are a tall person yourself, then laying down on them will be very comfortable as well.

4. Loveseats sofas

If you live in an apartment by yourself or with your spouse, then loveseat sofas might be the thing for you. They are about as tall and deep as traditional sofas. However, they save space when it comes to their widths. They are much smaller than any other categories we have mentioned so far and allow up to 2 people to sit on them.

Loveseats, also known as apartment sofas, are perfect to fit in small rooms or apartment living rooms. They can also be matched with traditional sofas to complete an L-shaped configuration. If you want to go for minimal looks or need more space with your traditional ones then loveseats are a great choice.

5. Sectional seats

Sectional sofas are a combination of multiple modular sofas that are made generally for a family-sized room. Contrary to loveseats sofa configuration, these generally come with a corner seat as well to cover up as much space as possible. Sectional seats can come in both U and L-shaped designs.