How To get Night Market Valorant, What is it?

Night Market is a collection of 6 random cool weapons that you can purchase. In the night market, you get to purchase cool weapons with random equip skins for your game. Every player has a unique weapon they could get. Sounds interesting right? You can get cool weapons in Valorant. Oh, and you get a discount for purchases. This is awesome. You should try it.

How does the Night Market work?

The night market came out in December 2020 and fell out a bit in January when the x market started in January. It returned in February 2021. Upon assumption, I think there’s going to be a new market each month with new offers.

There are many rumors that if you buy a gun in the night market, it will be replaced with a new one and you will be able to open a new one. This is not true. You can buy a gun at the night market; it won’t be replaced a new one. If you should even buy the entire shop, you will not still get a new gun until the night market ends. The night market comes with a duration.

October Valorant Night Market

The night market is a special shop that appears invalid now and then. This exclusive shop offers normal items at a discounted price that will range between one and around fifty percent off. This can greatly affect the number of valence points you need to spend on an item.

The last four-night markets invalid have happened within one and a half months within each other. Each lasting between 11 and 13 days with the last valentine market ending on august 10 last year. It can appear probably in late September. This will probably be September 25th to September 30th or if they decide to delay it perhaps early October so you don’t have to wait much longer.

How To get Night Market Valorant, What is it?


How to Get Old Valorant Skin Bundles

You are looking to buy skins that are not currently featured in the item shop that you have looked at that you want. You might be thinking of how to get a hold of that skin that is not in the item shop.

Riot confirms in a post that there are no plans to bring back old Valorant skin bundles so if you have missed out on the elder flame collection or the glitch pot. However, there’s still a way you can collect them all and even get a discount. You might be lucky in finding that the other flame skins whichever skin bundle that you’re looking for does appear again in the store. You just won’t be able to get the accessory pack added with it that features stuff like gun buddies player cards and titles. Without a doubt, riot might re-feature some bundles that a lot of players want like elder flame skin. The good thing is that you’re not completely out of luck and you will eventually be able to buy a skin bundle. This means you have to keep your eye on the store almost every day.

What are the most helpful Valorant Tips for players?

There are a lot of tips but let’s talk about 11 of them with players.

  1. 180

First, your mouse sensitivity is mostly preference, however, the general rule of thumb is you should be able to do a 180 with a swipe of your mouse, from the center of your mousepad. This is because generally if you have good crosshair placement, most of your enemies should be in front of you, so you won’t need to turn around often.

  1. Minimap

Having a large minimap is a great way to increase your awareness. Most players play on low settings for maximum FPS, with all extra features disabled.

  1. Bloom

This feature will make some things easier to see such as Sova Recons, and character outlines.

  1. Hold Toggle

The hold toggle helps you to hold and toggle aim for the sniper rifles seems to function pretty differently. This is especially noticeable with the operator. If you are using  Hold instead of toggle, it allows you to scope in and out much more freely.

  1. Teammate Abilities

If you hold alt, you can see what abilities your teammates have available. This will let you know if your Sage used her heal on herself at 98hp, instead of you at 1hp. This is set to alt by default, if it’s not at alt you can find it in settings.

  1. Spray Control

If you want to practice spray control, spend a few minutes in the range just spraying at a wall. Try to get your first 6-7 bullets to land in the same spot, since these are fairly consistent. As you get more comfortable, start adding more bullets.

  1. Spray Transfer

If you want to practice spray transferring, you can do this on the flying bots right outside of the range. Practice transferring between the flying targets, and the muscle memory will help carry over in the game.

  1. Tracking

You can practice your sensitivity and general mouse control by just aiming at a bots head in the practice range and running around.

  1. Peeking Practice

If you want to practice your peeking, you can use a sage wall or behind a post. one of the biggest advantages of warming up in Valorant instead of Aim labs is you get to practice your movement too, so these exercises can be great.

  1. Zipline

Many players have fallen prey to ziplines in Valorant once or twice, but they are pretty simple. Whichever direction is where you would exit, is the direction you should press to go up. So if the exit is left, press A. If the Exit is back, press S. Now you will never get stuck on the zipline again.

  1. Timing your flashes

Breaches flash takes 500 milliseconds to detonate. The average human reaction time is 250 milliseconds. I believe this 250 millisecond comes from tests like the Human benchmark, where you are anticipating the stimulus though. If you are not expecting a breach flash, it’s very unlikely you are going to dodge a breach flash. Try to anticipate flashes before they come because there is the best chance of dodging them.