Instagram has over a billion users, 1,000,000,000 users. 90% of people follow a business on Instagram. The average user spends 53 minutes a day on the app. These figures mean that there is a huge marketing potential for businesses on Instagram. The marketing plan of small businesses needs to include Instagram marketing to make it effective.

How To Find Industry Influencers For Your Next Campaign

Influencer marketing has been growing at the fastest pace and more and more businesses are wondering whether they should also jump on the bandwagon and invest the hard-earned money on it or not? Fortunately, it is an indispensable factor to grow your brand and increase the trust of the target audience in your product or services! However, the problem arises when it comes to finding and choosing industry influencers! The right influencer levels up the game and helps you reach an engaged audience. In contrast to this, if you don’t pay attention to finding the right person for your brand’s promotion, it can result in ruining all the money. 

Ready to find the relevant and best influencers for your next Instagram campaign! Here come the seven practices to fuel up your campaign’s outcome. 

  • Keep the budget in mind 

Before you begin with the influencer search process, it is pivotal to understand what your budget is. It can cost you hundreds to tens of thousands of bucks. Ensuring everything is right from the onset makes the overall process more seamless. When you have a low budget you can buy Instagram followers to increase the followers count to make the page more authoritative. It is however good to go for influencer marketing for the massive positive outcomes, some marketers adhere to the one cent per follower (or $100 per 10K followers) rule. 

  • Collaborate with influencers already talking about your brand

Many influencers are already interested in engaging with your brand and it’s an excellent idea to take advantage of that and start collaborating with them. To find influencers who are willing to work with you, search the tagged posts, comments, and DMs. The best part is the partnership may seem more organic fit since consumers are already aware of the sponsored products. 

  • Look at influencers your target audience already engaging with 

Finding an influencer who resonates with your brand’s message is one of the fundamental steps in the influencer search process. However, you can make it less hassle-free by checking out the following list of your ten to fifteen followers who represent your ideal audience. This shall give you valuable insight into the best industry influencers you should partner with. When you have few influencers in your mind, share their content on feeds or stories to see how they resonate with your community. There are tons of Instagram growth sites where you can avail yourself of various services like followers, likes, and comments. You can also buy Instagram followers and likes from Buzzoid – an emerging supplier providing legitimate Instagram services worldwide. 

  • Influencers with more domain authority 

Domain authority matters in creating positive words of mouth! Authority however can’t be measured by high followers count or blue checks! The prime determiners are: how engaged the audience is and what expertise the influencer has. Want to know how to find those high-hitters, pay close attention to podcasts, newsletters, and blogs. Keep an eye out for Instagram influencers that have an engaged audience and can bring value to the table.

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  • Monitor relevant hashtags 

Have branded hashtags or a compilation of hashtags you regularly use? Keep track of these hashtags to find influencers for the campaign. Search through all people sharing content under your branded hashtags as the simple trick can turn up many influencers to reach out to. In case you don’t have branded hashtags, try finding some relevant hashtags you can find to partner up with. 

  • Check out influencer’s key performance metrics 

Evaluate the influencer’s metrics to understand if they have a relevant audience to help you accomplish goals. When you have found the influencer who you can partner up with, have a look through their engagement, followers, and comments. Also check, how many followers don’t have a profile picture and how many handles have random letters and numbers combination. 

  • See what your competitors are doing 

Copying some’s marketing strategy is not a recommended practice, however, keeping a hawk’s eye on what your competitors are doing and taking inspiration from their best practices is always a great idea.  Take note of who they are engaging in the comments or any UGC post that works well – all these opportunities are indeed worth exploring.